Breaking: Organic standards under assault

October 26, 2016 0

Preface by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter and Activist This is extremely time sensitive folks.  This article contains a petition urging the maintenance of certain Organic standards and to exclude hydroponic and genetically engineered crops.  Whereas […]


The How-to Guide to Ban GMOs in Your City or County

November 28, 2014 0

International GMO Ban Alliance This website is designed to provide comprehensive yet simple guidelines for each individual to approach their respective city council with tools on how to end GMO cultivation and toxic pesticides associated […]


Horizontal Transfer of GM DNA Widespread

June 15, 2014 0

But No One is Looking, Almost Natural Genetic Modification and Hazards of GMOs A culture of denial over the horizontal spread of genetically modified nucleic acids prevails in the face of direct evidence that it […]

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