Climate Disruption: It’s Not Due to CO2

May 14, 2019 0

ER Editor: We draw the reader’s attention to a piece we published by Prof. Claudia von Werlhof from 2 years ago titled The Planet Is Not Warming Up But Drying Out! ******** Climate Disruption: It’s Not […]


… Mad Plans to Geoengineer Earth…

February 27, 2019 0

Scientists Are Hatching Mad Plans to Geoengineer Earth to Save Us from Global Warming Some scientists warn geoengineering will have unintended consequences by Barry Brownstein Harvard’s Gernot Wagner wants to save the world from global warming. His method? […]


5G – The Utter and Complete Failure of The State

July 11, 2018 0

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project Why are our governments failing us so badly? Perhaps that should be rephrased declaratively: Our governments ARE failing us badly. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly difficult […]

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