Bush Like Hitler Is Vatican’s Best Friend

November 1, 2015 1

  by Greg Szymanski, JD Just like Hitler, George W. Bush is the papacy’s good buddy and his Executive Order of March 7, 2007 (Executive Order 13427-Extending Privileges and Immunities to the Permanent Observer Mission […]


Vaccines & National Security

October 22, 2015 0

By: Ulson Gunnar One can easily see in the emerging information and cyber war that a nation having its own IT infrastructure, its own hardware, and its own versions of social media platforms is quickly becoming […]


21 Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot

December 15, 2014 0

From Garlic to Echinacea by Christina Sarich The CDC recently admitted that this year’s flu shot likely won’t protect you from the flu, but did it ever? Though the CDC has issued a formal apology […]

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