What If MAGA Shrugged?

December 3, 2022 2

What If MAGA Shrugged? By: J.B. Shurk Congressional lizards posing as “leaders” met with China Joe in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, and the wretched gerontocracy that rules over us looked happy as […]


Manufactured Dystopia – Globalists Keep Hacking Humans

December 2, 2022 0

Story at-a-glance Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit system, human augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the dystopian future being rolled out by […]


Triggering the Great Reset

December 1, 2022 0

Triggering the Great Reset By: Robert A. Taft Both the East, led by China and Russia, and the West, led by U.S. and EU globalists, want to fundamentally change the world order. They call this […]


Are You Essential?

November 5, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook This insightful article by Freedom Alliance Founder, Jonatan Tilt examines the latest globalist psyop designed to divide-and-conquer humanity by eroding Man’s sense of kinship with his fellow Man and thereby duping […]

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