The Dem’s War on Black Americans

March 27, 2021 0

The Democrats’ War on Black Americans By: Geoffrey P. Hunt Today’s wave after wave of illegal migrants, otherwise human chattel, are overrunning and overwhelming our southern border security, by design from dementia plagued president-in-name-only Joe […]


Another American Suicide Attempt …

November 5, 2020 0

Another American Suicide Attempt By: Diana Mary Sitek It is an interesting question to contemplate whether a major section of the republic is attempting to expire through an imposed Chinese-Soviet style, God-hating lockdown, or a […]


Thin excuse = thin ice

August 31, 2020 0

Prime Muppet concocts excuse to let child molestors off the hook by UKR Columnist Jon Davy St Petersburgh 30/8/20 HYPOTHESIS: the Coronavius psyop triggered by Elite fears of justice over child and human trafficking ** […]


Man Not Friends With Jeffrey Epstein … Exposed

December 5, 2019 0

Man Not Friends With Jeffrey Epstein … Exposed – Snubbed Dignitary the Subject of New Panorama documentary “Satire” by TLB Contributing Partner: Steve Cook Ever since Jeffrey Epstein killed himself by orchestrating his own murder it […]

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