So … What Do We Do with a Pretend President?

January 17, 2021 0

What Do We Do with a Pretend President? By: Donald N. Finley I was struck by David Atwood’s “The Right will Neither Forgive nor Forget.” It struck close to home because I’m a boycotter. It […]


Lockdowns & the Rule of Law

December 10, 2020 0

Lockdowns and the Rule of Law By: Ethan Yang Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in his latest book that: “Madison warned that what we call “the rule of law” depends on the existence of […]


The globalisation of hypocrisy

August 24, 2020 0

by Kieron McFadden, Clearly, judging by the disgusting misbehaviour  and double standards of the planet’s political “elite”, this time in Ireland, the “Very  Best people” consider themselves above the laws they inflict on everyone else. […]

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