Worldwide Health Mandate Failure

November 14, 2021 0

Worldwide Vaccine Failure By Alex Berenson From Singapore to the Netherlands to Iceland to Vermont. And coming soon to the entire northern half of the United States… This is not how it was supposed to […]


The power of ideas, the power of art

November 21, 2019 0

Introduction I am featuring this because it is (a) fun, (b) a very bright idea and (c) great art. (a), (b) and (c) make a powerful and virtually unstoppable combination. They comprise, if you will, […]


Debt is the Hidden Issue in the EU Elections

May 24, 2019 0

ER Editor: We also recommend this piece from the same site going back a few years, titled Citizen debt audits: how and why? by Eric Toussaint and Damien Millet. Of note: The question of the repayment of public […]

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