Democrat Operatives Are The Real Threat

September 15, 2022 0

Democrat operatives are the real threat, not Russia By: Jack Hellner Somehow, our intelligence agencies recently determined that over the last eight years, Russia has spent $300 million to influence global politics — that is […]


Democrats’ History of Election Meddling and ‘Denying’

September 11, 2022 0

Democrats’ History of Election Meddling and ‘Denying’ NEWS WIRE As Democrats continue to attack and condemn anyone who dares to question the results of the 2020 Presidential race as an ‘election denier,’ American political commentator Mark […]


I Was … ‘Wrong About Trump’

July 30, 2022 3

I was wrong about Trump By M.B. Mathews I recently wrote a column about why I believed Trump should not run in 2024. I was wrong. I allowed my distaste for Trump’s personality to override […]


Who Is The Real Anthony Fauci … ???

December 7, 2021 0

Story at-a-glance Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describes the coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media and the military — that are using a health crisis to […]


The Puppet Masters: Is There Really a Deep State?

March 20, 2021 0

The Puppet Masters: Is There Really a Deep State? The danger posed by the Deep State is that it wields immense power but is unelected and unaccountable. ~Phil Giraldi  Philip Giraldi As a former intelligence […]


It’s a Coup … Just Say It !!!

November 16, 2020 0

It’s a Coup. Just Say It! By: Jay Valentine Political science types have a word for every happening. One is the Overton Window. Like lots of these terms, it is not too scientific, but it […]


The Deep State Wins … If Trump Loses!

October 1, 2020 0

The Deep State Wins if Trump Loses By: Pete McArdle In his 2017 inauguration speech, President Trump shocked the world by promising to take on the Washington, D.C. establishment — aka “The Swamp” — and […]

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