‘Experts’ Fail to Argue That Mandates Worked

May 24, 2024 0

By: Ian Miller We’re in the middle of 2024, and the “experts” still won’t give up their ridiculous defense of Covid mandates. By now, the evidence against the effectiveness of Covid policies and so-called “interventions” […]


“Trust me I’m an Expert”: the fallacy unmasked

January 17, 2024 1

We are pleased to feature the following article as a reminder of what happens in a “trust me I’m a scientist” dystopia where charlatans masquerade as “experts” and corrupt idiots bereft of the capacity for […]


Just Say No

January 15, 2024 1

Just Say No There are cracks in the great edifice of control. By Jeffrey Tucker via The train wasn’t scheduled for another 20 minutes, so I had a chance to contemplate the official sign […]

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