Why Merck is the Monsanto of Big Pharma

May 21, 2015 0

By TLB Contributor: Paul Fassa In 2007, Merck settled various class actions suits filed against Vioxx, a pain killer that also killed around 60,000 American consumers over a four and one-half year period. It caused […]


Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed

February 2, 2015 1

L-Histidine + Injection = Histamine Release + Excess Histamine Excess Inflammation = Histamine Intolerance? By TLB Contributor: Cynthia Janak There are times in our lives when it seems like we come full circle in our […]


Gardasil: Big Pharma Killing Us Softly

November 7, 2014 0

TLB Preface: The article we present here is one of the most comprehensive articles we have come across regarding the danger and misinformation associated with Gardasil. This article is written by two very thorough professionals […]


Vaccination Causes Autism: Here’s What They Know …

July 13, 2014 1

By TLB Contributor: Christina England. For many years, parents have believed that multiple vaccinations have caused their children to become autistic. Governments from around the world, however, have categorically denied this possibility.They continue to bury […]

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