Why Merck is the Monsanto of Big Pharma

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By TLB Contributor: Paul Fassa

In 2007, Merck settled various class actions suits filed against Vioxx, a pain killer that also killed around 60,000 American consumers over a four and one-half year period. It caused heart failures. Merck’s total payout was $4.85 billion. So pharmaceuticals could be considered risky business, even though they still profit from damaging drugs.

Vaccine manufacturing is a good business without risks for sociopaths. Lawsuits against Big Pharma based on life-long debilitating vaccine adverse events or deaths are legally fire-walled and contained within the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

The NVICP was set up to have the federal government settle claims, that aren’t reported by mainstream media, using funds collected from vaccine manufacturers’ approval fees and surtaxes on purchased vaccines.

Vaccines require less testing than drugs for diseases, and they’re cheaper to manufacture. So they have huge profit margins without accountability, and vaccines licensing regulations are confusing enough to not be concerned about generic vaccines entering the market. A vaccine manufacturer can keep on keeping on enjoying strong profits while its inventors continue getting royalties.

crazy-doctorMerck is perhaps the biggest player in the vaccine business. They and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) produce all the world’s MMR vaccines. The USA is supplied by Merck.

The Disneyland so called measles epidemic was the main factor in California’s rush to legislation that will no longer allow exemptions to opt out of vaccinations for school age children. No doubt Merck had a hand in pushing the legislation using straw-men (and women) lobbyists.

Merck’s High-Risk Vaccines in the CDC’s Childhood Vaccination Schedule

Merck has influenced the CDC to include the Hep-B vaccine (HBV) on newborns. Hepatitis-B is transmitted sexually or by shared hypodermic needles only. Apparently, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are now assuming all pregnant women are hypodermic injecting drug-users or promiscuously practicing unsafe sex.

Babies get three toxic Hep-B jabs as infants without even testing the mother for Hepatitis-B. Many so called SIDs (sudden infant deaths) have been linked to the Hep-B vaccinations. And there are too many parents in jail accused of SBS (shaken baby syndrome) merely because of official denial that Hep-B vaccines killed their babies.

Those that survive Hep-B vaccinations are not even protected against hepatitis B later in life, when sexually active folks or IV drug users into the actual Hep-B risk zone. But usually their immunity is impaired enough for them to come down with a variety of autoimmune diseases, such as food allergies, asthma, diabetes, or neurological issues.

Lately, there have been deaths reported in Europe linked to Paul Offit’s rotovirus vaccine, manufactured by Merck, that have not been reported in the USA. This is also a vaccination given to infants as influenced by Dr. Paul Offit, the outspoken consultant for Merck.


The measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) is Merck’s three in one shot has left its share of broken autistic children. Merck simply ignores those disasters while using the media to spread untrue claims that measles epidemics are caused by the unvaccinated, even to the extent or creating fake epidemics, such as the recent Disneyland “measles outbreak”.

Although the Disneyland outbreak was blamed on those not vaccinated, it was never proven or even thoroughly investigated. There is evidence, even mentioned by the CDC, that live virus vaccines such as the MMR can shed those viruses to others for a period of up to a few weeks. So the outbreak could have been sparked by some who were vaccinated.

Besides – where’s the logic? Anyone vaccinated is protected against a disease except from those who are not vaccinated? Are folks this stupid? Give me a break!

If you’re old enough, you may remember measles, mumps, and chicken pox as common relatively harmless childhood diseases that confer immunity when they’re over. Sometimes mothers in small towns or rural areas would gather at “measles parties” to expose their kids to one with a measles infection in order to confer lifetime immunity.

The MMR shot has also proven to not even temporally protect against these common childhood diseases with several breakouts occurring among groups that have been met the “herd immunity” criteria of vaccinating all or almost all the kids in a given population.

Merck’s MMR vaccine risks far outweigh any proposed benefits for these benign benefits. Even their vaccine package inserts show this!


Despite mainstream and industry claims to the contrary, several different independent studies have linked the MMR to autism and other brain damage disorders. The number of measles vaccine and MMR vaccinations serious adverse reactions reported since 1990 are 6,962, of which 329 were deaths.

During that same period, deaths from from measles complications ranged from none to five. What kind if benefit to risk ratio is that?

Since very few adverse reactions are reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System), the adverse event numbers are no doubt higher, much higher.

Merck Pushed a Vaccine for a Bogus Threat While Hiding the Hazards

The scare tactic promoting Gardasil is cervical cancer. The human papilloma virus (HPV) has over 100 strains. Gardasil targets two that cause the most genital warts, while ignoring another 11 that can also lead to cancer. But ninety percent of HPV warts tend to heal on their own within two years, often by one year. And they can be treated topically before then.

Bottom line, HPV is not nearly the death-warrant they are spinning it as. It usually goes away on its own or at worst is remedied by mild medical intervention. Even after young women get their three Gardasil-HPV shots, they still need to undergo Pap tests for early cervical cancer detection. So how can Gardasil guarantee protection against cervical cancer?

Even one of the developers of the HPV vaccine Gardasil confessed how unnecessary it is. This data is knowingly omitted from Merck’s media press releases, doctor bribes, and political lobbying efforts.

VAERS reports 41 cases of cervical cancer following vaccinations with Gardasil. Again, the CDC’s VAERS is voluntary for doctors and mostly unknown to parents and vaccinated adults. It’s estimated that perhaps only five percent of vaccine injuries get reported to VAERS.

So those reports are a fraction of actual events.

At last count in 2013, Gardasil’s mounting known death toll since 2009 was 140. This is in addition to the serious adverse effects of thousands, of which many are permanent, painful disabilities such as Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome (GBS) or other neurological and autoimmune maladies.

The apparent tip of this mostly unreported iceberg should be ample evidence that the risks far outweigh Gardasil’s false benefits.

Merck lobbied California politicians successfully for programs supporting the coercion of adolescent girls and boys (?!) without parental consent into Gardasil jabs. Perhaps after many lives are ruined by Gardasil vaccinations in California, a class action suit against those state legislators would be in order.

That class action suit could be based on their not investigating Merck’s murky past and their current vaccination adverse reaction rate against the virtually non-existent threat of cervical cancer from the human papillomavirus.

This video is from a Danish TV production that dared probe the adverse effects of  HPV vaccines.

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