Eagle’s Eye Report: Dummycrats Choreographing Disaster

September 1, 2022 0

Eagle’s Eye Report: Dummycrats Choreographing Disaster (Archived) Host: Roger Landry (TLB) – Co-Host & Producer: Stephen Roberts Brought to you by: – Where Freedom Roars Live Broadcast platform: ShakeAndWake Radio Network Also on PSN Radio […]


The Midterms … Watch Out!

August 31, 2022 2

The midterms: Watch out! By: Robert Vincent In about two months as of this writing, the vast majority of rank and file Americans eagerly anticipate having the opportunity to finally start the process of righting […]


CDC Backtracks on Guidance as Damning Studies Mount

August 26, 2022 1

Story at-a-glance August 11, 2022, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed its COVID-19 guidelines, thereby vindicating every “misinformation spreader” out there The CDC is now advocating for taking personal responsibility and for […]

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