The Goldilocks Effect

The Goldilocks Effect

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

With the midterm elections behind us, in a normal society, the populace would move on. But nooooooo! Our political landscape is so filled with witch-hunts, conspiracy theories, and losers citing how the election was stolen that we are drawn into never ending controversy. But, did you ever notice that only half the voting public thinks the election was somehow messed up? That would be the losers. The winners think everything’s just fine. And it doesn’t matter if they be Democrat or Republican.

The Goldilocks Effect

The yearning for a political miracle during any election is something that I call The Goldilocks Effect. Now, there are several levels to that. In invoked images of of a sweet, blonde haired little girl with dimples in her chin, eating porridge. It helps if she’s a white chick, but nowadays that’s not required and a black one will do. There is a disconnected illusion attached to this that invokes an image of future perfection. God only knows where that comes from, but it’s the idea that should the Goldilocks effect be invoked the Angels will sing, rain will become beer, and the skies again will be blue! God bless ‘Murica!

I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free!

If you believe that have I got a bridge for you, and it’s on sale! On sale? To hell with that! Two for one. In the words of the Prophet, George Strait, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free! That’s because the Goldilocks Effect is just that. An effect. Not real. Not original. Like a filter on a computer photo application. Something you use when reality just won’t do. In reality Goldilocks was a burglar. A thieving little bitch who broke into someone’s house and stole their food. But, she looked good, and tried to excuse her actions by contrived circumstances. Hiding her intent while presenting a public face suitable for framing. Just like the politicians you voted for just last Tuesday.

You believe it all because you heard it on TV!

There is no Illuminati. No New World Order, or Skull and Bones. I’m not saying these organizations do not exist. I’m telling you they wouldn’t hold sway in the public consciousness if you didn’t empower them. Aliens, men talking into their sleeves, and New York Real Estate Brokers who would be king, and you believe it all because you heard it on TV!

You can buy a lot of nookie for forty-four billion dollars

Dozens of people were texting me this morning. All asking if they controlled Congress, or The Senate? Of course they didnt! Elon Musk does, because he bought some dating service for forty-four billion dollars. Damn Elon! You can buy a lot of nookie for forty-four billion dollars! But, for the record that was one of, if not the lead story for weeks. And you believed that it would save or destroy the world. That’s the Goldilocks Effect in formation.

And you people are locked in that formation. You will buy anything so long as it fits what you burn in your crazy minds. Trump is the Second Coming, Biden is the Anti Christ . . . whales speak French at the bottom of the sea! But, the prettiest Goldilocks of all is the totally American idea that your slimy little vote can make a difference and actually change anything. I wish it could. But, it can’t. No more than the Bill of Rights can convey rights to you. God gave you rights. The Constitution just acknowledged them. Then the government took them away. If you don’t believe that just walk into any courtroom in the country wearing a pistol and reciting the Second Amendment. I’ll notify your survivors.

Can this be fixed?

Can this be fixed? Well, in a word, “No!” Because you are still playing the game by the rules they set. Because to invoke real change would involve stepping out of your comfort zone. It would mean you’d have to rewrite The Constitution, not redefine it over and over again. You will never stop being human. There will always be arguments. God even had to throw one-third of the Angels out of heaven for not paying the rent. They came down here and ran for office. So yes, there’ll be mountains to climb, but there’ll also be flags to plant.

America will not last forever

America will not last forever. It’s in decline. But, it’s not over! There’s too much real estate involved for it to be over. You people need a big dose of reality. You need to lead Goldilocks out of the three bears’ house, take her to a Motel 6, throw her on the bed, pull her dress up over her face, and then and only then will you realize that Goldilocks. . . is a Tranny!




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1 Comment on The Goldilocks Effect

  1. This is concerning.
    Bill envisions a thieving little bitch tranny and thinks she looks good.
    How discerning is he?
    Is it good that he’s woke enough that she doesn’t have to be white?
    I hope we’re not at the point where a posse gang rapes anybody hungry enough to pilfer a little porridge.

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