Pittsburgh Post-Gazette supports President Trump

November 2, 2020 0

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette supports Trump, backing first Republican presidential candidate since 1972  “He has put America first, just as he said he would,” the endorsement states. By Alex Nitzberg The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsed Donald Trump, marking the first […]


Dr Anthony Fauci is now POTUS

March 24, 2020 0

Dr Anthony Fauci is now the President of the United States Jon Rappoport Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases . HEADLINE: “In Dr. Fauci we Trust.” (Daily […]


Jewish Power Rolls Over Washington As Usual

April 9, 2019 0

Jewish Power Rolls Over Washington AIPAC gathering is full of lies and liars PHILIP GIRALDI The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has just completed its annual summit in Washington (ER: March 24-26). It claims […]


The War On Venezuela Is Built On A Total Lie

February 26, 2019 0

War On Venezuela Is Built On A Lie JOHN PILGER In this analysis, John Pilger looks back over the Chavez years in Venezuela, including his own travels with Hugo Chavez, and the current US and […]


Trump Quietly Orders The Elimination of Assange

November 18, 2018 0

ER Editor: We also recommend this piece from Telesur titled Ecuador Expected to Extradite Assange to US, Lawyer Says. ******** Trump Quietly Orders Elimination of Assange ERIC ZUESSE On June 28th, the Washington Examiner headlined “Pence […]


China’s President Orders Military To … Prepare For War

October 29, 2018 0

China’s President Orders Military To “Prepare For War” By: Tyler Durden China’s President Xi Jinping ordered the military region responsible for monitoring the South China Sea and Taiwan to “assess the situation it is facing and […]

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