Government Tyrants Play With Fire

Government Tyrants Play with Fire

By: J.B. Shurk

The communist thugs controlling America’s legal system have chosen to cross the Rubicon, it seems. President Trump says he will be arrested Tuesday now that New York City’s corrupt, Soros-funded district attorney has cooked up some cockamamie criminal indictment against him involving Stormy Daniels — the same political pawn who was already ordered to pay the president 300,000 dollars in legal fees as restitution in a prior case.

If anyone needed further evidence that we reside under a post-constitutional Uniparty regime with utter disdain for the rule of law, add this to the long list of government crimes and usurpations committed against the American people.

No doubt the politicians and their State-controlled agents in the press will actually hail President Trump’s arrest as shimmering validation that “no one is above the law.” What poppycock! What glittery abuse of power. What abominable descent into tyranny!

If Bill and Hillary Clinton had ever been properly charged for their decades-long crime spree involving perjury, rape, investment swindling, real estate scams, stolen White House furniture, Chinese bribery, campaign finance violations, family foundation fraud, mishandling of classified secrets, conspiracy to defraud the United States with the Russia hoax, Epstein-linked prostitution and child-trafficking, or their uncanny proclivity for leaving a trail of dead associates in their wake, their rap sheets would stretch from here to the moon. Had Barack Obama ever had to properly answer for illicitly using the IRS, EPA, DOJ, FBI, and Intelligence Community to target, harass, and persecute his political opponents or account for his stunning success in using his political office to transition from one of America’s poorest presidents to one of its wealthiest, he and his wife would not so absurdly yet flippantly claim that his presidency was aboveboard and “scandal-free.” If there were not a two-tier “justice” system that exists only to protect Deep State friends and demolish Uniparty enemies, Joe Biden’s notorious reputation over the last half-century as a bought-and-paid-for stooge of foreign governments and domestic crime syndicates — with a family of drug users and reprobates who profit solely from his politically-protected name — would have at least kept him far from the White House, if not serving time in prison.

Only Donald Trump — the man who donated his salary for serving the American people and who has lost a fortune parrying endless and spurious criminal, civil, and regulatory attacks — finds himself in legal jeopardy, with his life, liberty, and property all on the line.

Taking bribes from Chinese communists? No problem. Laundering money through Ukraine? No big deal. Fabricating an international conspiracy framing Donald Trump as a Russian spy? What’s the harm? Selling America out to her enemies in Iran, China, and anywhere else politicians and their corporate patrons can make a buck? By all means! But sacrifice your security, reputation, and good fortune in order to run for office against the Uniparty’s collective will and make America great again? Well, that, my friends, must be punished to the hilt, lest the American people learn to govern themselves without first consulting D.C.’s occupying forces for approval!

If it were not already startlingly evident that the permanent Deep State, Uniparty, and leftist legal mercenaries had jettisoned American liberty long ago for some sinister, repressive, WEF-inspired, corporate-fascist regime, the desperate and despotic efforts to take down the one politician in America who has put himself in the crosshairs — for no other reason than to save and rebuild the crumbling nation before it’s too late — would take the cake!

Now is the time to see who stands where, whose verbiage is nothing but fluff, and whose words are backed with mightier stuff. If Republican Party leaders do nothing while the Deep State locks Trump up, then that party is dead. If Americans who claim to respect free speech say nothing while a political leader is imprisoned for his words, then their appalling silence will speak volumes. If Americans who wrap themselves in the American flag and claim to stand for liberty instead hide and wilt away, then we will know once and for all who really sacrifices for America’s rights and freedoms when every day becomes Independence Day. There stands Trump, fighting the good fight, refusing to give in; now we will see where every politician, pundit, or self-proclaimed patriot stands, too.

These are surely the times that try men’s souls. They also provide us an opportunity to test America’s leaders when times get rough and find out just whose souls are found wanting.

This did not have to happen. American leaders have had many opportunities to confront evil and nip tyranny in the bud. Too many stayed quiet while the national security surveillance State worked to take down a sitting president. Too many stayed quiet while the Uniparty stole the last election. Too many stayed quiet while the Deep State censored Americans’ free speech. Too many stayed quiet while leftist legal henchmen locked up J6 political prisoners for the thoughts within their heads. Too many stayed quiet when the installed president of the United States called half the country “enemies,” “extremists,” and “terrorists.” At any point, had enough elected officials finally risen, ground their heels into the dirt, spat upon their hands, and said “no,” this present tyranny would not exist.

If today is not the day to stand for freedom, then freedom is in mortal danger. And any politician refusing to back up words with real action is as cowardly and worthless as the multitude of pretenders.

Mike Pence likes to say he had no choice but to certify the scandal-plagued 2020 election because his constitutional obligations afforded him no other legal options. That is a debatable point, and if it were not debatable, Congress would not have spent two years crafting the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act, a Uniparty gem that Biden signed into law just before the new year as part of an omnibus spending package funding the federal government. Intended to formally restrict the vice president’s Electoral College certification duties to nothing more than sheer pageantry, the passage of the law certainly suggests that Congress agreed with those who have insisted that Vice President Pence could have refrained from certifying the disputed 2020 election had he possessed the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Putting that legal question aside, though, here is another one: why would Vice President Pence participate in any process — regardless of how he perceives his legal obligations — that forces him to abandon moral conscience and ethical duty? His insistence that he had no choice in the matter smacks of the worst kind of “just following orders” devotion to the State. Surely there are higher authorities to consider than the legal counsel of Pence’s personal attorneys. Surely Pence — or any other politician who proclaims allegiance to American liberty — knows that unjust laws are no laws at all. Surely any American leader worth his salt knows that rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God!

Sir Thomas More, considered the legal luminary of his time, chose principle and beheading over betrayal of his own conscience and acquiescence to King Henry VIII. Likewise, Patrick Henry, prominent Virginia attorney and member of the House of Burgesses, declared without hesitation, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

Where are the Thomas Mores and Patrick Henrys in America today? If members of Congress roll over while President Trump is abused, then that body is a rotting corpse. When the Constitution is twisted to support something it does not, then people of principle have a duty to reject those lies. When persecutors posing as prosecutors dispense tyranny as justice, then friends of freedom must rise before despotism takes all our lives. Do not be silent before evil!


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