January 19, 2021 0

OCCASIONAL CORTEX WANTS RE-EDUCATION CAMPS MSN: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling on the government to direct funds toward the deprogramming of white supremacy. “The white supremacist cause is futile. It’s nihilist,” the New York Democrat […]


The Decline & Destruction of an Empire!

December 27, 2020 0

The Decline & Destruction of an Empire! By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron Here is the most brutal question for Americans: Has America become a nation of Pigs, Whores, Cowards, Snitches and Traitors? All […]


2020: This Is Why ‘Truth Matters’

November 8, 2020 1

2020: This is Why Truth Matters By: Tom McAllister Scottish scholar Alexander Tytler once observed that the life cycle of a Republic only lasts about 200 years. The United States of America has gone past […]


‘Why Trump is Defying the Pollsters’ [Video]

November 1, 2020 0

‘Why Trump is Defying the Pollsters’, guest Robert Barnes  NEWS WIRE #ElectionEdge 5: With just three days to go, America is gearing up for the ultimate grudge match – even before the election has taken […]


Bournemouth: a Tale of Two Cities

July 3, 2020 0

Or How the Media Managed to Slag Off an Entire Nation by Jon Davy Bournemouth England, 25th June 2020 There apparently were two Bounemouths that day. The first was the Bournemouth in the media complete […]


Hydroxychloroquine: A New Low for Liberal Media

April 16, 2020 0

Hydroxychloroquine: A New Low for the Liberal Media By John F. Gaski –  As might have been expected, Pres. Trump’s audacity in speaking out in support of the hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus was more than […]

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