Profiles In Porridge: The story of Joe

October 7, 2021 1

Profiles in porridge By: Ralph Alter His name is Joe Biden. He is the emperor with no cognitive functioning. His pronouns are “Who, me?” He served as Senator from Delaware so long that the state […]


NYT roasted for Biden ‘hottest-bad-boy’ Article

May 7, 2020 0

‘Peak cringe’: New York Times roasted for Biden ‘hottest-bad-boy’ election campaign strategy article RT-USA News The New York Times is being credited with finally achieving “peak cringe” on the topic of Joe Biden, after the […]


Buttigieg Calls For Decriminalizing Crime

January 2, 2020 0

Buttigieg Calls For Decriminalizing Crime SOUTH BEND, IN—2020 Democratic presidential hopeful and local mayor Pete Buttigieg recently recommended “decriminalizing crime.” The politician lovingly referred to as “Mayor Pete” (since no one knows how to pronounce […]