9-11 Inconsistencies Grow As Liberty Dies (Part 2)

May 5, 2020 1

9-11 Inconsistencies Grow As Liberty Dies (Part 2) (See link to part 1 below this article) Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive “The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates.” – Tacitus Since […]


Netflix – The Game Changer

November 27, 2019 1

ER Editor: MSM outlets such as The Telegraph and Buzzfeed are pushing this globalist documentary, so that tells us a whole lot right there. We recommend Aleid DeJong’s excellent and concise explanation of the UN Agenda […]


New Fertility-Regulating Vaccines are Being Tested in India

June 3, 2018 0

Fertility-Regulating Vaccines Being Tested in India By TLB Contributing Author: Christina England, BA Hons In 2015, after his country was targeted with the fertility-regulating tetanus vaccination containing the hCG hormone, Dr. Wahome Ngare from the Kenyan […]

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