Portland: Rittenhouse Protest Escalates Into Riot [Video]

November 20, 2021 1

Portland: Rittenhouse Protest Escalates Into Riot ZEROHEDGE Protests were seen in multiple cities, and a riot was declared in Portland, Oregon, hours after Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal. Protests were observed in downtown Brooklyn, New York; Boston, […]


Democrats Blaming Everyone But … Themselves

April 26, 2021 3

Democrats Blaming Everyone but Themselves By: Brian C. Joondeph An old expression notes that when you point one finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. This aphorism may have originated in […]



September 19, 2020 1

The Biden Hoax By: J. Robert Smith Joe Biden’s nomination is the Democrats’ crowning insult. They’re making another go at playing voters for chumps. Democrats, the D.C. establishment, and the left started hoaxing Americans back […]


The Democrats Are White-washing Leftist Violence

September 2, 2020 0

The Democrats Are Whitewashing Leftist Violence The National Review Once the hysteria devolved into violence, it caught up to Democrats in the polls. Now they’re just attempting to whitewash history. Protesters gather around after setting […]


Saturday Night in America [Video]

July 26, 2020 0

Saturday Night in America Saturday night in America is far from what it used to be, especially in Major U.S. Cities. The Liberty Beacon Staff Saturday night in America used to call for families to […]

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