Email: Comey warned Obama about sharing info with Flynn

May 20, 2020 0

Email: Comey warned Obama that it was ‘potentially’ dangerous to share Russian info with Flynn The director reportedly had ‘no indication’ at the time that Flynn had shared sensitive information with Kislyak By Daniel Payne and Joseph Weber […]


George Soros Is A Leading Shareholder In Netflix

March 29, 2018 0

George Soros Is A Leading Shareholder In Netflix by Dr. Eowyn  Red Pill reports for The Goldwater, March 28, 2018, that Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser and UN ambassador, has been hired to Netflix Inc’s board of directors, […]


Susan Rice skates again

June 20, 2017 0

Susan Rice skates again By Monica Showalter It’s pretty astonishing what President Obama’s Deep State Dead-Enders will do to protect their self-claimed “right” to break the law with impunity. From Breitbart News: The National Security Council cannot […]