Susan Rice skates again

Susan Rice skates again

By Monica Showalter

It’s pretty astonishing what President Obama’s Deep State Dead-Enders will do to protect their self-claimed “right” to break the law with impunity.

From Breitbart News:

The National Security Council cannot hand over records relating to former National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s surveillance of Americans, because they have been moved to the Obama presidential library and may be sealed for as may as five years, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch announced Monday.

The NSC informed Judicial Watch in a letter dated May 23 that materials related to Rice’s requests to know the identities of Americans swept up in surveillance of foreign targets, including any Trump campaign or transition officials, have been moved to the library.

That’s certainly convenient for Rice, whose role in illegally “unmasking” Americans caught up in spy surveillance dragnets and then leaking what she learned for partisan political purposes is explicitly forbidden by law.  Well, with this sudden move of all the evidence of her crime to the Obama library, it looks as if she skates again.

The Deep State knows how to protect itself.

It’s appalling, because these laws were put on the books precisely to prevent the sort of scenarios we have seen in the last six months: angry political partisans, embittered about the 2016 election, attempting to use U.S. intelligence resources to get back at their political enemies.  Susan Rice and her tag-teamer in Benghazi talking points, former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes (who never got a security clearance), and other denizens of the National Security Council have all apparently been involved in the illegally ordered unmasking of U.S. citizens caught up in the intelligence dragnets of mass surveillance.  Rice has been caught red-handed demanding to know the names of these Americans, something the law provides explicit protections for, with the unmasking of former national security adviser Mike Flynn, who spoke with the Russian ambassador, followed by a flood of news leaks from Rhodes’s little buddies in what he called his “echo chamber” media.

It’s an abuse of power and a miscarriage of justice if there ever was one.

In their by-any-means-necessary minds, U.S. spy resources were their resources, not the state’s, to use as they pleased.  And since they feel they have a right to rule, any abuse of power is acceptable, provided it supports their leftist president’s political fortunes and his now rejected values.

Will Rice ever be sanctioned or scrutinized now?  Not with a five-year wait on the black hole of Obama administration presidential library files.

On that front, it’s a good guess that the files themselves are likely to be raked through and scoured with “BleachBit,” or whatever the favored erasure is, by Obama partisans in a bid to ensure that Rice’s role never sees the light of day – and Rice never faces the music.  Just the example of former national security adviser Sandy Berger stuffing documents from the National Archives down his pants in a bid to alter the historic record is a sign enough of that.

That they could do this legally signals a problem.  Congress should act to stop this travesty of justice.  Obama shouldn’t own any of those files.  Those files are evidence as well as historic record, and in either case, they belong solely to the American people who paid for them.


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