Internet Free Speech Is All but Dead – How They Do It

June 10, 2019 0

Internet Free Speech All but Dead Unelected, unnamed censors are operating across the Internet to suppress “unapproved” content PHILIP GIRALDI The Internet was originally promoted as a completely free and uncensored mechanism for people everywhere to […]


Facebook Censoring Getting Out of Control [Video Report]

August 5, 2018 0

Facebook Censoring Getting Out of Control via The Ron Paul Institute Facebook has been crowing about finding 32 “Russian-backed” accounts seeking to “sow division” among Americans. Only despite their over-confidence in sussing out these Kremlin-backed […]


Yes, the FBI is America’s Secret Police

December 11, 2017 0

Yes, the FBI is America’s Secret Police by James Boyard Politifact delivered a “pants on fire” slam to Fox News on Friday because one of its commentators asserted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation “has become America’s […]


Just Who Is The War Party? [Video with Ron Paul]

July 28, 2016 0

Posted to TLB via the Ron Paul Institute by daniel mcadams As many neocons shift over to support Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, there are appearing a few bumps in the road. Last night at […]