WITNESS: The Unbearable Miseries Of Democrats

September 30, 2022 0

The unbearable miseries of Democrats By: Ron Ross Democrats and the Left have a long and ever-expanding list of concerns: climate change, white supremacy, rising sea levels, non-organic vegetables, insufficient diversity, COVID, systemic racism, population […]


Expect More ‘Hail Marys’ from Democrats

August 30, 2022 0

Expect More Democrat Hail Marys By: Christopher Chantrill It’s pretty obvious to me that the Biden Student Loan Handout is a midterm Hail Mary. With a 40 percent approval rating, why wouldn’t the president throw […]


Here, There Be Monsters !!!

December 24, 2021 0

Here There Be Monsters By: Alexsandar Markovic In the movie Aliens Newt, who has witnessed her family’s grisly end and survived being hunted by their monstrous killers, asks Ripley why adults tell little kids there […]


What You Must Believe in 2021

December 17, 2021 0

What You Must Believe as an American in 2021 By: J.B. Shurk As far as I can tell, this is what we are now supposed to believe as Americans, in this first year of the […]

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