“Freedom FROM”—the forgotten bombshell

February 15, 2022 0

“Freedom FROM”—the forgotten bombshell by Jon Rappoport This article covers a subject most people don’t want to think about. Even worse, most people can’t recognize the subject exists—even after it’s pointed out to them. They […]


A Desperate Biden Administration Turns to Terrorism

October 17, 2021 1

A Desperate Biden Administration Turns to Terrorism By: Daniel McAdams For Americans watching the shocking re-Nazification of Germany – where once again the ability to even buy food depends on a person’s physiological/medical status – […]


Defund the Police … Why Not Defund the Politicians ???

September 4, 2021 0

Defund the Police? Why Not Defund Politicians? By: Michael Letts As law enforcement officers across the country don uniforms and equipment to face another shift, it’s difficult to imagine their heightened sense of defensiveness. Each […]

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