Pentavalent Vaccine Killing Children in India, Vietnam

January 30, 2013 5

A group of academics, professors, public health teachers and pediatricians concerned about deaths following the administration of the Pentavalent vaccine is requesting that health officials have it withdrawn from the vaccination schedule in India. The […]


Proof that Childhood Vaccinations Are a Hoax

January 25, 2013 24

It’s taken as an article of faith that vaccinations have improved our lifespan. Most of us take our children to the doctors for their injections without question. Most think of themselves as bad parents if […]


SIDS and Vaccines.. Is There a Connection?

January 22, 2013 33

In a scientific study of SIDS, episodes of apnea (cessation of breathing) and hypopnea (abnormally shallow breathing) were measured before and after DPT vaccinations. “Cotwatch” (a precise breathing monitor) was used, and the computer printouts […]


Vaccines Cause Autism: Supporting Evidence

January 20, 2013 8

(NaturalNews) Rates of autism have skyrocketed 1000% since 1990, yet defenders of vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry keep scratching their heads in confusion: What could be causing this? Lots of clues point to vaccines as […]


Regulators Approve New Insect-Based Flu Vaccine

January 18, 2013 6

(CNN) — As flu season rages across the United States, federal regulators say they have approved a new kind of vaccine for the virus. The new product, Flublok, which is available in limited supplies for […]

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