Congress’ ‘Gift’ To America This Christmas

December 19, 2023 0

Congress’ ‘Gift’ to America This Christmas By: Ron Paul Just before leaving town for Christmas break, the US House gave Americans a last-minute holiday gift: a nearly trillion dollar military spending bill filled with lots […]


Henry Kissinger: War Criminal & Enemy of Mankind

December 1, 2023 0

Henry Kissinger: War Criminal and Enemy of Mankind By: Ryan McMaken Former US secretary of state and national security advisory Henry Kissinger died on Wednesday. He was 100 years old. Kissinger is perhaps most notable […]


Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda, Groomed With CIA Help

March 6, 2022 1

ER Editor: According to this article, ‘terrorism’, which has long been known to be a wholly manufactured, western Deep State phenomenon to cause instability and destruction around the world, is being morphed into a ‘white […]


Goodbye War on Terror & Hello Permanent Pandemic

April 5, 2021 1

Goodbye War on Terror, Hello Permanent Pandemic What happened to the War on Terror? World leaders have swapped it out for a new narrative: the permanent pandemic, where society will be controlled under the guise […]


The ‘War On Terror’ Comes Home

January 17, 2021 0

The ‘War On Terror’ Comes Home By: Ron Paul The recent massive social media purges – starting with President Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter and other outlets – was shocking and chilling, particularly to those […]


Elite Transnational Fascism – Covid & The Gameplan

November 16, 2020 2

ELITE TRANSNATIONAL FASCISM WINTER OAK We are reposting here this important article by Ullrich Mies from the German-language Rubikon site, in the form of a “raw” translation via Alison Blunt and ******** Since March 2020, the form of […]


The Surreal US Case Against Assange – Summing It All Up

October 2, 2020 0

ER Editor: We have been publishing some of Craig Murray‘s daily accounts of the Assange extradition trial, which give important detail and accounting of the proceedings. Yet we highly recommend (below) Alexander Mercouris‘ summation of […]

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