The Catastrophic Death Of Fairness

November 16, 2023 0

The Catastrophic Death of Fairness By: J.B. Shurk Some social psychologists believe that humans are biologically wired to seek “fair” relationships with others. Some theologians believe that the soul’s capacity for distinguishing right from wrong […]


Biden Stokes the Flames of Distrust

May 18, 2023 0

Biden Stokes the Flames of Distrust By: John Green I’ve been interviewed several times by a podcaster who contacted me after reading one of my articles. We always have lively and respectful conversations — about […]


WITNESS: The Unbearable Miseries Of Democrats

September 30, 2022 1

The unbearable miseries of Democrats By: Ron Ross Democrats and the Left have a long and ever-expanding list of concerns: climate change, white supremacy, rising sea levels, non-organic vegetables, insufficient diversity, COVID, systemic racism, population […]


Milk, Oreo Cookies & The Young Turks

July 13, 2022 0

Milk, Oreo Cookies & The Young Turks By: Bill the Butcher Now I’d like you to listen to this cow flop. It is the combination of all that is wrong with the country. First off […]


5 Reasons to Impeach Joe Biden

June 22, 2022 1

Five Reasons to Impeach Joe Biden By: Ed Brodow American has a two-tiered justice system. If you are liberal and vote Democratic, you can get away with anything. Hillary Clinton is proof of that. If […]


WITNESS: The Treason of the Ruling Class

February 23, 2022 1

The Treason of the Ruling Class By: Steve McCann Because of the egocentrism and megalomania of the current ruling class, our country is inexorably and stealthily marching toward a tyrannical one-party socialist oligarchy beholden to […]


Democrat Racism Is … Evil

November 6, 2021 0

Democrat Racism Is Evil By: J.B. Shurk For many years, it was common for pundits to remark, “The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans think Democrats are wrong and misguided, while Democrats believe […]

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