Targeting: A Vital Tool to Win This War for Our Freedom

We Need a Plan]







By TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine.

As you know, there are so many issues in our faces, most being a manifestation of the New World Order. I probably don’t have to remind you but just for fun, there’s: GMO, Obamacare, Death of the Constitution, war in the Middle East, Common Core, Dictatorship, Martial Law, Global Warming (sure, sure), FEMA, etc.

But don’t be misled – when I say “targeting.” I don’t mean aiming guns and bombs. I mean establishing what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it. We set the target.

One thing you have to say for these globalists – they know how to set targets. This New World Order has been in the making, with careful planning, for many years, could be centuries. They may be psychotic but when it comes to suppressing the whole planet, they’ve got it all laid out, as organized as friendly, cooperative board meetings with time tables, graphs and other executive activities.

aa-Dees-puppets-of-zionism-300x266[1]In other words, they have no scruples that buzz around their heads, distracting them from their purpose and carrying it out. No angels whispering in one ear saying, “No, no, that’s not nice.” So you see how scary that can be – to have unrestricted evil coming our way? At least from that small percentage that are bona fide evil. The rest are just lackeys whose scruples have been scrapped.

They have an unrelenting, continuous goal to take us down. No other thoughts stand in their way, so they are free to plan and target.

What would it take to overcome that? After all, their control seems to have gotten to an enormous expansion of the David and Goliath scenario. Very intimidating, for sure. Well, that’s one underlying target they have worked hard for – to scare the hell out of us. To be sure, 9-11 was a target within that overall target.

If you read Psychopolitics, you will see this chilling, elaborate program, step by step, to achieve their goal of world domination through Socialism, laid out as targets. Do this, then this, then that, etc. Much has been accomplished already, as many of you can easily see.

So yes, more and more people need to become aware of this impending holocaust against freedom. And that is OUR target. In the same way they plan out their mischief, we need to make our own plans. The How and When. Like – how many people do we need to enlighten each day or week and then activate? When do we want to achieve this plan?

We can have a vague goal that says – I want to be free. Or, I want to restore the Constitution. OK, terrific; but how and when? If we don’t say exactly WHEN, the goal will drift on for eternity. Can you see that? It’s up to YOU and ME and others to say when. Otherwise it will never happen.

We don’t want to be day dreamers. We want to be dreamers and doers. The dream is just the idea. Too many people die with dreams tacked on at the end, left unfulfilled because they never said when.

Here’s a very simple example: when you have to be at work at nine, what happens? You’re there at nine. That’s because you set the target, even though you “had to” to keep your job. Still, YOU set the target and that’s why it happened.

How many of you recall the world-wide march against Monsanto this past May? Well, that was suggested by one person and look what happened. She set a target for a specific day; thousands of people agreed to it and made it happen.

You might be thinking: it’s a lot more real to set up a time for a march than take down some giant globalists by a certain date. For sure, it will take a lot more work! But the same principal applies. One of the first major actions is to set a target of when. If enough people agree, the chances of success are enormous.

decsigning[1]What if patriots could get together in the same way the Founders did when they created the Constitution? Of course, not to, re-create it but to mend it. For example, one target could be to weed out all those people in government who act against the Constitution and replace them with ethical, true Americans. After that, we would say when, based on enough data to make a real target. Then we’d go on to the next target – in the same way the globalists do but we do it for freedom.

I have no real idea how this could be done but I believe it can be. Nothing, however, can be done without agreement.



LucilleL. Femine is the Print Media Director for The Liberty Beacon project

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