The Boston Tea Party – Staged Beginning of a Classic Color Revolution


by Zen Gardner | April 9, 2015

Was the founding of the USofA a masterminded plot by surreptitious interests to eventually create a new economic and militarily weaponized tool in the war for the ultimate control of humanity?

I’ve often thought this was the case having learned so much about the derivation of the so called founding precepts that seemingly spawned the US Declaration of Independence and later Constitution. Not much was really original thought in the words of the founding fathers, as “righteous” as they may seem. These were universal ideas since the time of ancient Greece, later honed by European intellectuals.

Furthermore, was the Boston Tea Party simply another staged event to galvanize public opinion, both then and for future generations of myth manipulators? Just look at the end result – by far the most oppressive and warring nation in the history of mankind. An illusion of freedom for which its willing participants would proudly fight and die.

Enter John Locke

Few Americans know the roots of the so-called declaration of independence and constitution. It was all fashioned after the writings of British philosopher John Locke, himself deriving much from the earlier writer Thomas Hobbes, all calling for freedom from the very system they were seeking asylum from:

No other individual influenced the author of the Declaration of Independence more than Unitarian John Locke (1632-1704). He was a British philosopher who rejected the idea that Kings had a divine right to rule. Instead, Locke argued that people are the source of power, not kings.

Locke argued that people are born with certain “natural” or “inalienable” rights. These include the right to “life, liberty and property.” Government did not give people these rights; rather they are born with them and as such, no government can take them away.

According to Locke, people formed governments to protect their rights, which he called a “social contract.” People agreed to obey the government and in return, government had the responsibility to protect peoples’ natural rights.

Locke also argued that if the government failed to protect our natural rights, then the people had the right to replace the government. Locke’s ideas became very influential in developing democratic ideas. Thomas Jefferson, in writing the Declaration of Independence, drew heavily from the writings of John Locke. (source)

In the words of the above writer:

The problem is that democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with real freedom. Our founding fathers clearly understood this, as evidenced not only by our republican constitutional system…Simply put, freedom is the absence of government coercion.

Hence the dilemma and set up for sure control. The only ingredient missing is amassing more government mandates and corporate and monetary control and voilà,  a sure fired, massively potential weapon of mass destruction in the new global paradigm.


“The Redshields are coming!”

A Cynical View?

No, just realistic. Just look at the outcome. Then trace the information backwards. It’s the same with understanding any of the world wars and their engineering and financing by banking interests. Humanity has been played, over and over again. And it still is. It’s not paranoid fringe lunacy, but very real conspiratorial interests time and time again manipulating humanity at work.

Why would the founding date of the US be set at 1776, the exact year of the official inception of the Bavarian Illuminati, immortalized under an all seeing eye capped pyramid on the back of the US dollar? The carefully woven, elite-protecting US Constitution didn’t become “law” until 1789.)

Now take it to today’s world situation. Again we’re being told these outside threats necessitate armed intervention, much like the colonies breaking from the British Empire, which by the way only 8% of colonialists were behind at the time they made the “no taxation without representation” issue their color emblem, or so we’re told.

Think about that. Pearl Harbor anyone? That same percentage of freedom loving Americans didn’t want to go to war in the European theater until America just happened to be “attacked”.  Then the duped citizen fodder enlisted and everyone got on board. Now recall the staged sinkings of the Maine and Lusitania and the fake Gulf of Tonkin episodes that started those 3 wars, and add 9/11 to bring it all up to date.

Starting to make sense? And the false flags and staged color revolutions worldwide just keep on coming.


Since Then

And what of the wildly escalating taxation in America since this staged tea party incident, for example? And did you know the participants in that event were all Freemasons, as was Paul Revere? There’s an eye opener. No agenda there, eh?

It is commonly believed that the lodge rooms of a Boston Masonic Lodge served as the dressing room for the so-called Indians who threw the Boston Tea Party.

According to The Builders by Joseph Fort Newton, the Boston Tea Party was planned, and executed by Freemasons disguised as Mohawk Indians – not by the Lodge as such, but by a club formed within the Lodge, calling itself the Caucus Pro Bono Publico. Other sources more directly link it to the Lodge meetings at the Green Dragon Tavern**.

Two thousand people stood on Griffin’s Wharf and watched the Boston Tea Party. The crowd was silent as sixty men dumped 342 chests of tea into the salt water. Some of them put lampblack or paint on their faces. Some came wrapped in blankets. They called themselves “Mohawks.” But most of the participants actually were not disguised.

What are some of the names of the famed Masons who were supposedly at that “party” or served as the leaders?

Who was there? Paul Revere, who later went on to be Grand Master of Massachusetts, was thought to be one of those Indians. John Hancock, Thomas Crafts, John Warren, all Masons, are names often heard as planners or participants. Another active group of revolutionary Patriots was the famous Sons of Liberty lead by Sam Adams, who are also said to have been involved. (Source)

Almost ironically, but to be expected, Americans have been funneled into a taxation and regulatory nightmare ever since. So much for “new government”. It comes on in increments but the end result is always the same and painfully clear to see.

But you still don’t think it was planned?

If you don’t think there are controlling interests in addition to the obvious rampant monetary and corporate greed your head is still in the sand. We are in a very sticky matrix that has the worst of all intentions for humanity.

This may just be the time for duped Americans and people worldwide to finally wake up.

Connect the dots and make some conclusions.

Then act on them. And disengage. Mentally, economically, physically and spiritually. Throw off these parasites once and for all.

It’s as easy as non-cooperation and non-compliance.

Love always, Zen


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