The Chemtrails Horror Show: Morgellons Presentation – 34 min video

Perhaps we soon will see the day when we all have to wear masks before venturing outside ?

As many of us now know, a vast amount of airplanes are currently spraying most of the Earth’s population with aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. Less discussed components of the spray programs include lab-created synthetic life-forms and other biological materials such as red blood cells, fungus, and self-replicating nano-fibers. Massive and diverse geo-engineering operations are indeed occurring. Moreover, a peculiar syndrome called Morgellons has emerged and has now been linked to these eugenics/transhumanist operations.

While this is alarming, humanity should at some point face the ugly details of this dilemma. This is an agenda partly involving a nano-technology infestation in our bodies. Potent News Blast #10 seeks to shed some light on this often neglected issue.


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  1. Can we please implore the brilliant and HONEST scientists of the world to band together to expose these truths? The government, military and corporations must know that they to are affected by this toxic atmosphere! Is there anything my family or I can do to stop this? We can’t allow this to continue:(. We haven’t had a clear day in a long time… Every time I look to the sky I am horrified about the scheme that is being concocted against humanity.

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