The “Clinton” timeline – AK to D.C. – Shocking – Above the Law

Preface by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff 

As a child I was brought up to Honor Thy Mother and Father, Love and Protect My Country and have Respect for Law and Order. I still live by those teachings to this day, even though those in power in Washington D.C. (and yes even other Capitols around the World) do their damnedest to Minimize Parenthood (It Takes a Village~ H. Clinton), Co-op Protection/ Love of country to sustain the Perpetual War machine and use the Law and Order system to justify their actions with a “two tier” Justice system.

If any of the above has a familiar ring to it, as in Bill and Hillary calling… it should. We at TLB  hereby present a, shocking to say the least, timeline of The Clinton Machine. Shocking from the stand point of seeing and reading the Political Tyranny foisted upon Not only America, but Humanity on a Global Scale.

We begin our timeline adventure with a video released in July of this year which sets the tone for the way the Clinton Machine operates and exposes the “two tier” Justice system.

Credit: oversightandreform

And now to the beginning and building of The Clinton Machine, Arkansas to Washington.


by Paul Thompson

The Clinton Foundation Timeline

1997: President Bill Clinton forms a non-profit called the Clinton Foundation.

It starts off with a modest focus on his planned presidential library in Arkansas. But once Clinton’s term as president ends in early 2001, the Clinton Foundation will steadily expand its mission and its size, eventually becoming one of the largest charities in the world. By 2015, it will have raised over $2 billion in donations. Bill Clinton never takes a salary from the foundation, nor does his wife Hillary Clinton. However, the two of them combined will earn over $150 million in speaking fees, often giving speeches discussing the foundation’s work.

A 2015 Washington Post article will comment, “At its heart, the Clinton Foundation is an ingenious machine that can turn something intangible—the Clintons’ global goodwill—into something tangible: money. For the Clintons’ charitable causes. For their aides and allies. And, indirectly, for the Clintons themselves.” (The Washington Post, 6/2/2015)

2001—2013: Bill Clinton’s work for the Clinton Foundation brings him personal wealth.

The Clinton Foundation logo (Credit: The Clinton Foundation)

The Clinton Foundation logo (Credit: The Clinton Foundation)

The Washington Post will later report that between the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency in 2001 and 2013, he is paid at least $26 million to speak for groups that are also major donors to the Clinton Foundation. This is one-fourth of his overall speaking fees (at least $100 million) in that time period, demonstrating “how closely intertwined Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable work has become with their growing personal wealth.”

Many groups paying for his speeches also have interests affected by Hillary Clinton’s State Department when she is secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. (The Washington Post, 4/22/2015)

2003—2007: Giustra meets with Bill Clinton and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, then wins lucrative business deals in Colombia.

Bill Clinton gives the thumbs up to Alvaro Uribe in Bogota, Colombia, June 2010. (Credit: Getty Images)Bill Clinton gives the thumbs up to Alvaro Uribe in Bogota, Colombia, June 2010. (Credit: Getty Images)

Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra formed a company called Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. for business in Colombia. From 2005, former President Bill Clinton arranges a series of meetings between Giustra and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, in which Clinton is frequently present. In 2007, Clinton even meets Uribe and Giustra at the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York. Also in 2007, Pacific Rubiales signs a $300 million deal to build a pipeline in central Colombia, gains control of Colombia’s largest oilfield, and acquires the right to cut timber in a biologically diverse Colombian forest. Giustra will later insist that was purely coincidental, and he has traveled frequently with Bill Clinton without business deals. (Clinton has flown for free on Giustra’s private jet at least 25 times.) But Bloomberg News will later note, “Giustra’s globe-trotting adventures with Bill Clinton have coincided with lucrative business deals.”

In 2007, Giustra and Bill Clinton cofound a Canadian offshoot of the Clinton Foundation called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP). It will later be alleged that this is a “slush fund” allowing foreigners to donate money indirectly to the Clinton Foundation in the hopes of getting favorable treatment from the Clintons.

In 1991, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) issued a secret intelligence report showing that Uribe “worked for the Medellin [drug] cartel” and is “a close personal friend of Pablo Escobar Gaviria,” the notorious drug lord. Uribe continues to be linked to a variety of scandals and human rights abuses during his presidency. (Harper’s Magazine, 11/17/2015(The New York Review of Books, 1/30/2016) (The Wall Street Journal, 2/14/2008)

2004—2006: The Clinton Foundation rapidly expands in size and scope.

From 2004 to 2006, the foundation’s annual revenue more than doubles, from $58 million to $134 million. The Washington Post will later say that from this time forward, the Foundation will become the “public face” and “the center of the Clintons’ public and professional lives,” as well as an eventual “springboard for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign,” both in 2008 and 2016. (The Washington Post, 6/2/2015)

Click here to read and see pictures of the remainder of The Clinton Timeline. [note: there are 3 pages to this timeline.]


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Paul Thompson

Paul is the author of The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute: a Comprehensive Chronicle of the Road to 9/11—and America’s Response, published by Harper Collins (2004), a compilation of over 5000 reports and articles concerning the September 11, 2001 attacks. Paul’s research has garnered over 100 radio interviews, along with TV appearances of Fox News and Air America. Paul has been featured in The Village Voice andEsquire Magazine’s “Genius Issue.” The Terror Timeline was used as a course text in Richard Clarke’s “Terrorism, Security, and Intelligence” course at Harvard University. In 2005, he was asked to speak at a congressional briefing on the 9/11 Commission’s final report. Paul was born in Pacific Beach, California, and spends his time there and in New Zealand. He holds a degree in psychology from Stanford University and has worked in the past as an environmental activist at an environmental-protection firm. He now works as a freelance researcher. Paul is a progressive Democrat.


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  1. This information disgusts me. They take an oath to support their own profits. These people are above the law which means there is no law.
    Is this what I pay taxes for ?

  2. If they do Nothing to Hillary then we also can break laws and get away with it … Because l have as much rights to walk free as she does..

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