The Cloud War

The Cloud War

by The Z Man

After the Mueller report was released, the conventional wisdom was that, after a period of mourning by the crazies on the Left, the whole matter would be forgotten. The Russian collusion nonsense had served its purpose and now it was time to move onto figuring out who would replace Trump. The Democrats have a massive field of candidates for their nomination. This reflects the fractured nature of their coalition, so the focus would shift to sorting out how best to unify the party around a nominee.

That’s not what has happened. Instead, the Democrats are slowly inching toward impeachment, while Trump and his new consigliere are moving ahead with investigating the domestic spying scandal. Supposedly, Trump told Pelosi and Schumer he was done dealing with them until they dropped the investigations. This is probably just a lie fed to the willing media, as part of the war. Most likely, the offer to drop all of it was made by Schumer, but Trump rejected it, as he now has the better hand in this fight.

Proof of this is the decision to hand over to Bill Barr the power to release classified documents related to this scandal and other scandals as yet unknown. That last part is the real issue here. It is pretty much accepted that elements within the FBI, and most likely the CIA, conducted an illegal surveillance operation on the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team. The only decision left on that front is whether or not these people face changes or the whole thing is swept under the rug.

That last part is where things get interesting. If everyone was sure the parties in the FBI scandal were stand-up guys willing to do their time and keep quiet. This is probably over and done with by now. The trouble is, they are not stand-up guys. Worse yet, there are too many of them and too well known to be Arkancided. If they get charged, they will probably look to better-deal themselves by cooperating. What dirt they can dish is the great unknown and it may even be unknown to the Democrat leadership.

That brings us back to the order to authorize Bill Barr to release classified documents into the public. As the Conservative Treehouse guy noted, the order has some unusual features to it. Giving Barr this power is unprecedented, but that can be explained by the politics in Washington right now. The real puzzle is the inclusion of the Department of Treasury and the Department of Energy. What could the Energy Department have in its files related to the FBI scandal? What would Treasury have?

One answer lies in the story of Uranium One, which is the turd that official Washington cannot seem to flush. This is the deal that sold off uranium resources and companies to a Russian firm. The Wiki page is interesting, because it reveals just how many people were involved in this deal. Those people all seem to have connections to intelligence services in the Anglosphere. These are the same intelligence services that pressured Trump into holding off on releasing the classified documents months ago.

Of course, what this means is the Russian collusion story was just an effort to conceal the FBI spying scandal, which was an effort to cover a lot of other corruption, especially the Uranium One deal. That’s the item at the center of everything. That would explain why Treasury and Energy are on the list. It would also explain why the FBI under James Comey was so vexed by the Clinton e-mail scandal. Clinton was running a pay-for-play operation out of the State Department and a lot of people knew about it.

The question is why would everyone go along with it, but the history of the Clinton family is the story of exploiting the ambition of minor figures. The salary men in the FBI dream of getting to the top job, so why not play ball with Clinton? The vermin-like rapacity of Hillary Clinton is like something from a Faulkner novel. When it comes to corruption, she is shred, ruthless and clever. The people in Washington, however, are naive, sheltered and simple minded. They stand no chance against Hillary.

Way back in the 1990’s, a truth obvious to many people was that the Democrats, desperate to regain power, sold their souls to the Clintons. They were willing to overlook their obscene corruption, as long as they delivered. It’s turning out that the Clinton family was not just a cancer on the party, but a cancer on American politics. Like the guy who sold his soul to the devil, official Washington is now realizing it was a horrible error to take the Clinton deal. Now they are at a loss as to how to get out of it.

As an aside, the old WASP virtue of keeping low-class people out of public life was not just about snobbery. It was an understanding that people like the Clintons were like an invasive species among the upper classes. High status people did not train their young to hair-split and subvert the rules. They trained them to uphold the rules. As a result, they could never compete with the sort of people who saw rules and customs as an obstacle to their ambitions. Exclusion was a form of self-defense.

Ultimately, political scandals are always about politics. The reason any of this matters is it threatens the political order. On the one hand, the Cloud People cannot tolerate a rogue intelligence community. On the other hand, they can’t just open all of this to public view, as the public will lose respect for the political order. That’s the war going on now, between those trying to change the political order and those seeking to defend it and their privileges within it. Trump now has a new weapon in that war.


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