The cost to Europe of complying with Washington’s sanctions against Russia has reached the breaking point


Introduction by: Mary C.Giacobbe (TLB)

So here we are, my fellow Americans! Did we think for a moment that the blame of the bloodbath in the Middle East and the rest of the world would not have a backlash, and we would eventually have to face the music? No, this is precisely where the elite want us at this moment in time. This is the cost of intervention by the Military Industrial Complex gone amok. One only has to look back and  realize that the cost of liberty is not free, and it must  be attended to daily.  In our own defense, with a shadow government, and many collaborators, it could not be foreseen until we understood the real meaning of that September day, 9/11. We stood in a state of shock, and mainstream media just hit the gas, pumping  us with fear, the horrible graphics of the reality, and a lot of unsolved mystery. The who, the why, and the when did this plan to shape a new world order take place, was the sound of a blaring trumpet to many patriots that could not accept this loss.

We have answered many of the questions along the way, as we resist the tyrannical push for a one world government that has affected each respective leader across the globe differently. Russia has made their position clear, and rightly so. Unfortunately, we have our military all over the world, fighting for destabilization, resources. and power. It has left us vulnerable to outside threat as well as asymmetrical warfare here at home. Americans must stand to face this together. The time for manufactured racial tension, and income inequality must be put aside. I weep for us today, as I do for the many innocent victims here and abroad. that lost their lives and have suffered at the hand of this power hungry machine.

We lost control of the wheel, but the question one must ask is, do you want to to be in the drivers seat again? Are you ready to turn off the static of mainstream media lies and fight for the liberties we lost on that September day? We the people, not just as country, but people from across the globe are faced with  the opportunity to unite for a peaceful solution. It is long past wake up time! And while Europe is trying  to stay warm for the winter, Palestine and the  middle east are fighting  genocide, what will  the patriots here be doing? Americans that still brush this off, and sweep it under the rug, please do not wait. We that stand united, do not have the time to procrastinate. Do not hide in a corner, waiting  to see the flames of this conspiracy as the only light burning over our nation and the world.

In the age of technology, too many people have been conditioned to see civilization under fire , and it has left people desensitized to the death and destruction that may soon be upon us if we do not awaken everyone. Please read the short article below and know that it is not too late. Get involved. Humanity itself is at stake.Unless you can tell me that 99% of us should not live in peace, and be free to prosper, there is no excuse for people not to take action anymore .If Russia can stand as a sovereign nation, under leadership that rejects this tyranny, the US can too. We need to do a system restore, back up to a place where “We the People” enforced the constitution.There is NO law that can surpass common law, though the UN may try to sell it to you. The Soviet Union fell, and we are doing the same. It is fact that we are living in a mere illusion of democracy within our republic, that the tables have turned, and we are now the oligarchy that spins out of control, as the Soviet Union did. We are the target of the new world order. They will only succeed if they destroy the US first. Do not give them your consent. Paul Craig Roberts, the author of the article below, has a record  for being spot on.


Paul Craig Roberts 1/14/2015

The cost to Europe of complying with Washington’s sanctions against Russia has reached the breaking point:

If this report is correct it sounds like the Russians have had enough of the dumbshits in Washington and Washington’s dumbshit vassals in Europe.

Russia says: the natural gas no longer goes through Ukraine. It goes to Turkey. If Europe wants it, Europe can build the pipeline from Turkey.

Perhaps Europe will freeze to death this winter and nothing will be left of Washington’s puppet state empire. Then Washington would have to stand alone as a war criminal aggressor without European cover.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books areThe Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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