The Dirty, Filthy, Unvaccinated Children … REALLY ???

TLB Editors Note: This article was originally written and contributed to The Liberty Beacon Project in mid June of 2015. As I was looking over our twitter account yesterday I happened across this article on one of our followers page. This tells me that she values our work on vaccines and the truth to a point of searching our flagship websites (The Liberty Beacon) archives for our vaccine related articles articles that go back over five years. I must admit that this is a very prolific article with a powerful message and wake-up call. That being said I offer it you you once again … The truly sad part is that it is still germane and presents an even more vital message today than it professed three years ago …


The Dirty, Filthy, Unvaccinated

By TLB Contributor: Mama Brave

“Your children can’t go to school with other children.”

“Keep your dirty filthy kids away from my kids.”

“We will not be providing medical care for children like yours any longer. Please seek medical care elsewhere.”

“You don’t deserve to be a parent. You should be in jail for child abuse.”

“I hope your children prove you wrong by dying.”

“Don’t you love your kids?”

These are some of the comments parents have told me they’ve received from people in their lives: doctors, schools, co-workers, friends, and family members.

We are the parents of unvaccinated children.

My children were born this way: Vaccine-free.

And I want to keep them that way. I do not want to inject drugs into them before they can walk and talk- at 12 hours old; before I even know who they are.

Are my children dirty? Are they walking germ-pools?

Are people with black skin dirty? Are homosexuals walking germ-pools, infecting us all with AIDs?

Of course not! These are stigmas- negative and unfair beliefs- that come from fear, misunderstanding, discrimination and inaccurate teachings. At one point in time, they are stigmas that much of society held. But just because the majority of society believes something doesn’t make it true.

Unvaccinated children are not walking around spreading disease simply because they’re unvaccinated. Our children are not dirty, and they are not a danger to society.

all truth

Is it extreme to say that unvaccinated children (or their parents) are facing discrimination?

Not if things keep going the way they’re headed.

For example, watch this short video of what happened to one mom who refused to give her daughter Risperdal, an anti-psychotic medication.

Maryanne Godboldo wanted to stop giving her daughter Risperdal after it worsened her daughter’s symptoms.

The kicker?

Maryanne’s daughter was a normally-developing child before her she had her vaccines at age 11 to “catch-up” so that she could attend public school. Maryanne’s daughter, Ariana, was given Risperdal to treat the symptoms she developed following her shots. Another doctor who saw Ariana later diagnosed her with encephalitis (brain inflammation or swelling) caused by her vaccines.

Maryanne was imprisoned and her child was taken away for 9 months. As recently as March 2014, Maryanne Godboldo was still fighting the case in court, and Wayne County prosecutors said they will appeal yet again.

This mom is a hero.

Those of us who don’t vaccinate have heard it all before.

This is what we are told: “We don’t need to discuss vaccines. Just make your decision and move on. Lucky for you, we live in a free country so you can choose not to vaccinate. You have that right.”

Do we?

We have been publicly shamed.

We have lost our careers.

We have been refused medical care.

We have been refused education.

Maryanne lost her child for 9 months. And she is not the only one.

This is where we are.

Read any article about vaccines and you’ll get an idea of the war that is going on against parents who are making the choices they feel are best for their children.

For example, here’s a lovely comment left on one of my previous blog posts:

It’s such a shame people can’t be jailed for spreading false information that misleads and kills -If one could, the author would be in jail before any drug company CEO. And should be rightly so.

You think so, America?

Here are some other fun comments that parents who choose not to vaccinate get to deal with, both online and in person:


Child abuser.

Baby killer.



Is it true?

Unvaccinated children are being blamed for outbreaks. Parents who vaccinate their children are being told to ask a child’s vaccination status before they play. They’re told that an unvaccinated child is dangerous and that they should be able to “exercise their rights” against the parents of the unvaccinated child if their vaccinated child gets sick.

But how true is it that unvaccinated children are causing disease outbreaks?

Let’s look at the facts.

  • The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine does not prevent the spread of whooping cough. According to a 2013 study on baboons, those who are vaccinated can still harbor the bacteria in their throats (with or without symptoms) and spread it to others. If an unvaccinated child has pertussis, they’re going to know it and they’re going to stay away from newborns. If a vaccinated child or adult has pertussis, they may have only mild cold-like symptoms or no symptoms at all. A vaccinated child or adult can hug and kiss a newborn and spread pertussis without even realizing it.
  • Pertussis is mutating and new strains do not match the strains in the vaccine.
  • Those who are vaccinated against pertussis have a 40-fold increase in lung colonization of parapertussis, which also causes whooping cough. There is no vaccine for parapertussis.
  • Immunity against measles begins to wane quickly (after 6 months) even after 2 doses of MMR vaccine. The same is true for mumps and rubella. (Click here to read more about herd immunity and the MMR for measles, click here for mumps, and click here for rubella).
  • Those who are vaccinated against measles can still potentially and unknowingly become infected and spread the virus without even getting sick.
  • We don’t know how long immunity lasts with the polio vaccine (which is not a regularly recommended booster for adults). The CDC says, “The duration of immunity with IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) is not known with certainty, although it probably provides protection for many years after a complete series”.
  • Among adults in the U.S., vaccination rates are low.
  • Among children in the U.S., vaccination rates are stable or increasing.

Let’s look at these last two points closer:

According to the CDC, most adults are not up to date on their shots.

Tetanus: 64.2% of adults aged 19-49 years, 63.5% of adults aged 50-64 years and 55.1% of adults aged 65+ years are up to date on their tetanus vaccine.

Pertussis/whooping cough: 14.2% of all adults over the age of 19 are up to date on their whooping cough vaccine. For adults aged 19-64 years of age living with infants under the age of 1, this number is slightly higher: 25.9%. Only 31.4% of health-care personnel over age 19 are up to date.

Hepatitis A: 12.2% of adults aged 19-49 years old are up to date on their hepatitis A vaccine.

Hepatitis B: 35.3% of adults aged 19-49 years are up to date on their hepatitis B vaccine.

Let’s compare those rates with vaccination rates in children aged 19-35 months old for 2012-2013:

DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis/whooping cough): 83.1% of children are up to date

Polio: 92.7% of children are up to date

MMR (measles, mumps and rubella): 91.9% of children are up to date

HIB (haemophilus influenza type B): 82% of children are up to date

Hepatitis B: 90.8% of children are up to date

Chickenpox: 91.2% of children are up to date

PCV (pneumococcal conjugate): 82% of children are up to date

The CDC notes that coverage remained stable from 2012 to 2013, except for hepatitis B and rotavirus vaccines, which saw an increase in vaccine coverage.

The CDC even stated:

No change was observed in the percentage of children who received no vaccinations.

It’s time to get rid of stigmas.

The mainstream media won’t report what has been going on in the vaccine world. Parents deserve to know about the study showing an increase of autism for African-American boys who are given the MMR. They deserve to know about the study linking fetal DNA in vaccines to autism that was also published recently published.

To the media:

It is not your job to decide what YOU think we need to know. It is not your job to tell us what or how to think, or to report half of the story. It is your job to report the news, period.

To the schools:

Unless you’re ready to  check the antibody levels of every single child AND adult in your school, you don’t have the right to force my child to stay home. Children may obtain certain exemptions in all 50 states and attend school unvaccinated if that is their parents choice (for now at least). It is not your job to say who does and does not deserve to be educated. It is your job to educate, period.

To the doctors:

If you’re worried about an unvaccinated child who is being seen for a rash or a cough, have them come in before or after hours. This is what doctors have done for years and you can do it too. It’s ridiculous to pretend that by excluding a child who may or may not be sick you’re protecting the rest of your patients. Do you refuse to see a child who might have scarlet fever (aka strep throat) because they might give it to someone else in your waiting room? Do you kick out one of your patients who has a cold because a child in the waiting room might have asthma? You can advise parents to vaccinate if you wish but it is not your job to enforce what you think onto a parent (and refusing medical care to a child IS forcing what you think upon that family.) Advise away, but it is your job to provide individual medical care, period.

To friends and family:

We are not doing this to spite you, or to make you upset. Yes, we know that Andrew Wakefield’s study was discredited- we actually read the entire thing, not just a news article about it. Yes, we know you vaccinated your children and they’re just fine. Yes, we know that you’re worried my child will give your baby whooping cough, even though anyone you expose your baby to could be a potential carrier, vaccinated or not. We don’t choose to not vaccinate our children because we think we’re better parents than you. In fact, when it comes to making such important decisions for our children we aren’t thinking about you at all. We are thinking about the long-term health, safety and happiness of our children. It is not your job to raise our children, period.

No matter how much you disagree, vaccination IS a personal choice.

I choose not to put

aluminum phosphate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, 2-Phenoxyethanol, aluminum hydroxide, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), sodium chloride, thimerosal, gelatin, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, yeast protein, aluminum salts, bovine serum albumin, neomycin, sucrose, purified capsular polysaccharide, amorphous aluminum hydroxphosphate sulfate, amino acid supplement, polysorbate 20 (Tween 20), formalin, phosphate buffered saline, MRC-5 cellular proteins (from aborted fetal cells), aminoglycoside antibiotic, phosphate buffers, disodium phosphate, dihydrate, sodium dihydrogen, insect cell and viral protein, bacterial cell protein, L-histidine, sodium borate, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate adjuvant, monobasic sodium phosphate, monobasic potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium taurodeoxycholate, ovalbumin, mercury, sodium, chloride, beta-propiolacton, egg proteins, CTAB, kanmycin, octoxynol-10 (Triton X-100), a-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, hydrocortisone, gentamicin sulfate, sodium deoxycholate, host cell proteins, baculovirus, Triton X-100, residual MDCK cell protein (canine cells from a female adult Cocker Spaniel), other cell proteins, MDCK cell DNA, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, B-propiolactone, phosphate-buffered saline solution, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, arginine, dibasic potassium phosphate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), polymyxin, betapropiolactone, nonylphenol ethoxylate, sorbitol, sodium phosphate, hydrolyzed gelatin, recombinant human albumin, fetal bovine serum, other buffer and media ingredients, urea, monodium L-glutamate, human albumin, sodium bicarbonate, potassium phosphate, residual components of MRC-5 cells (including DNA and protein), sodium phosphate dibasic, succinate buffer, isotonic saline solution, phenol, streptomycin, residual calf serum, polygeline (processed bovine gelatin), human serum albumin, potassium glutamate, sodium EDTA, bovine serum, chicken protein, chlortetracycline, amphotericin B), amino acids, dextran, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, ferric (III) nitrate, sodium pyruvate, D-glucose, concentrated vitamin solution, L-cystine, L-tyrosine, amino acids solution, L-glutamine, sodium hydrogenocarbonate, phenol red), calcium carbonate, xanthan, monosodium L-glutamate, bovine calf serum, monobasic, EDTA

…into my baby’s body.

I get to decide what to put or not put into my child. The law agrees with me. And I will continue to fight to protect that choice.

Whether you vaccinate or not, whether you’re white or black, whether you’re Christian or Muslim or an atheist, if you see someone treating another human being like they don’t deserve the same rights that you have, speak up.

marty rubin quote2

Do you feel like you’ve been treated wrongly because of you or your child is unvaccinated? Comment and share your story with us below.


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