The End of Toxic Chemo and Radiation


By: Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)

There is a revolution  occurring in cancer treatment, and it could mean the end of chemotherapy, as we  know it now. Chemotherapy is a brutal crushing treatment has no place in the  future of medicine. Orthodox oncology is looking at new pharmaceuticals that  not only are less toxic but also more targeted. Dr.  Martin Tallman, chief of the leukemia service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer  Center. “I think we are definitely moving farther and farther away from  chemotherapy, and more toward molecularly targeted therapy.”

Chemotherapy and radiation,  as presently practiced, attacks both cancer cells and healthy cells, which is  why chemotherapy and radiation are terrible to endure. The essence of  chemotherapy is to use chemicals strong enough to kill cancer cells. This is a  good idea as long as the chemo agents do not harm the host meaning they do not  harm us. That is not the case!

Biochemists discovered a long  time ago that cancer cells grow at a much faster rate than regular cells, so if  a chemical can be injected that only kills fast-growing cells (cytotoxic),  cancer cells and tumors will be killed. The problem is cancer cells are not the  only fast growing cells in the body.

Anywhere where there is cellular  rejuvenation occurring it will get hit with chemo including hair, mouth, digestive  tract, and our all-important white blood cells. Like radiation therapy, the  loss of white blood cells is the part of chemo that doctors are most concerned  about when administering it. The immune system is toasted, yet this is  considered acceptable collateral damage. For this oncologists put themselves in  an extraordinarily weak position that history will not remember them fondly  for.

Oncologists have it  wrong in their choice of rays for radiation therapy and chemicals chosen for  chemotherapy.  They chose the heavy killing nuclear type of radiation that causes cancer as  opposed to the intense life-generating kind of radiation (near and far  infrared and Bioresonance  frequencies) that offers healing. Their choice of chemicals that destroy life  and health instead of those that bring immune strength and healing will brand  the present generations of oncologists in a way that they will not enjoy.

The Biomat, which I love to use,  increases the generation of heat shock  proteins. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to increase with nasty vaccines! Basic medical  science agrees on the value of heat shock proteins. The interplay between the immune system and cancer,  specifically, the role of heat shock proteins in viral infections and tumorogenesis  has been studied proving the case for the use of infrared in the treatment of  cancer. How we generate them can be either safe  or dangerous depending on which types of treatments and doctors one follows.

Why did they not choose  medicinals and the type of radiation that targets the enemy cancer cells while  leaving our healthy cells alone? Why not since it is very possible to  strengthen the immune system with the right natural chemo and radiation if one  chooses the right medicinals and the right kind of radiation?

In my new book Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, I  introduce oxygen itself as the ultimate chemotherapy. Pharmaceutical scientists  would not ever have thought of this freebie though it does cost money to  concentrate it to the levels necessary to annihilate cancer cells. With oxygen,  doctors can blast cancer cells to smithereens and patients can do it in the  comfort of their own homes.

There are plenty of  substances like cannabinoids and selenium that scientists have studied which  shrink tumors reducing a person’s chances of dying from cancer. These  nutritional medicines are not toxic like the mustard gas derived chemotherapy,  which still sets the standard for barbarism in the field of oncology.

The medicines in my Natural  Allopathic Protocol present a more intelligent form of chemotherapy and radiation. The protocol surrounds and  flanks oxygen delivered (made safe with CO2 medicine) at concentrations five  times higher than a hyperbaric chamber. You will be reading a lot about oxygen  in the next two weeks as I finish the new book.

This oxygen will roll over  the bodies cancer cells like an army of panzer divisions loaded with Tiger  tanks. The throw weight of the Anti-Inflammatory  Oxygen Therapy system is enormous. Oxygen supplied in large quantities for  short durations is completely safe because more than enough carbon dioxide is  created in the process when the patient exercises for the fifteen minutes a  day, which is the time necessary to do Anti-Inflammatory  Oxygen Therapy each day. Life is very sweet indeed, when we get enough  oxygen.

In the book I introduce a new way of  injecting massive amounts of oxygen into the cells, which will profoundly  affect them. In fifteen minutes, one can blow the cells doors down allowing  them to detoxify as they gulp down high levels of oxygen.

I have  discovered a technique that offers much higher therapeutic results than  expensive, inconvenient hyperbaric chambers and can be done in your bedroom. A  person needs an oxygen concentrator, exercise bicycle or rebounder and a new  mask kit with a reservoir that stores up enough O2, before you even  begin to use it, to supply the correct amount of oxygen needed for one fifteen  minute session. It offers a trip to cellular heaven.

This  therapy is like putting out a candle flame with your fingers. In the first 15  minute session (or let’s say first four sessions) the inflammation in the  capillaries will begin to be snubbed out and their toxins will be cleared.  Oxygen will rush into the cells bringing the energy and the physiological  processes necessary to heal.

Oxygen  is all around us but hardly anyone gets enough. It is a paradox that few  understand. But it is the reason that sodium bicarbonate is such a wonderful  medicine. It gives one instant access to more oxygen because the  bicarbonates/CO2 dilate the blood vessels ensuring more blood and oxygen get  delivered. (Tomorrow I will publish ‘Carpet Bombing Cancer with Invincible  Oxygen’, which is a chapter of the book.)

Chemotherapy: High Rate of Failure


It is well known that chemotherapy drugs  have a high rate of failure. This was brought out a long time ago in the January 10, 2002  issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, where it was noted that 20 years  of clinical trials using chemotherapy on advanced lung cancer have yielded survival  improvement of only two months. This editorial pointed out that while new chemotherapy  regimens appear to be improving survival, when these same regimens are tested  on a wider range of cancer patients, the results have been disappointing. In  other words, oncologists at a single institution may obtain a 40% to 50%  response rate in a tightly controlled study, but when these same chemotherapy  drugs are administered in the real world setting, response rates decline to  only 17% to 27%.

Radiation therapy and  chemotherapy as they are practiced now are highly toxic treatments aimed at  killing cancer cells. The problem is these therapies create cancer stem cells  and that means instead of treating cancer they are causing cancer. Fox News and many others have published the news about the undesirable  effect of helping to create cancer stem cells—cells that researchers say are  particularly adept at generating new tumors and are especially resistant to  treatment. The medical media is saying that this might help explain why late-stage cancers are often resistant to both radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

We know that cancer stem cells give rise to new tumors.  These stem cells are ultimately responsible for the recurrence of cancer or the  dangerous spreading of it throughout the body. Scientists also have found that  cancer stem cells are more likely than other cancer cells to survive  chemotherapies and radiation therapies, probably because their “stemness”  allows them to self-replenish by repairing their damaged DNA and removing  toxins.

“Radiotherapy has been a  standard treatment for cancer for so long, so we were quite surprised that it  could induce stemness,” said study  researcher Dr. Chiang Li of Harvard Medical School in Boston. An amazing statement  considering these doctors have all along been playing around with super-toxic  chemotherapy poisons and radioactive death-inducing rays—and now they are  surprised that this is the mechanism of death?

The New  York Times writes, “When it comes to taming  tumors, the strategy has always been fairly straightforward. Remove the offending  and abnormal growth by any means, in the most effective way possible. And the  standard treatments used today reflect this single-minded approach — surgery  physically cuts out malignant lesions, chemotherapy agents dissolve them from  within, and radiation seeks and destroys abnormally dividing cells.”

You Don’t Want Brutal Treatments That Don’t Work

The New York Times believes  that, “these interventions can be just as brutal on the patient as they are on  a tumor.” The entire field of oncology is vulnerable to attack not only because  of the brutality of its treatments but also because new and better options are  coming to the surface. The main point, besides the cruel wrongness of present  approaches, is that mainstream approaches to cancer DO NOT WORK FOR LATE STAGE  CANCER.

Dr. Ulrich  Abel, who poured over thousands of cancer studies, published a shocking report  in 1990 stating that chemotherapy has done nothing for 80% of all cancers; that  80% of chemotherapy administered was worthless. Ulrich Abel was a German epidemiologist  and biostatistician. In the eighties, he contacted over 350 medical centers  around the world requesting them to furnish him with anything they had  published on the subject of cancer.

Dr. Abel’s report and  subsequent book (Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer, Stuttgart:  Hippokrates Verlag GmbH, 1990) described chemotherapy as a “scientific wasteland” and that neither physician nor patient were willing to give it up even though there was no scientific evidence that it worked.  Everyone knows someone who has died of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation but  oncologists like to hide the fact that patients die from the chemo and  radiation before they would die from the cancer.

Abel’s research led him to a  sober and unprejudiced analysis of the literature where he concluded that treatments for  advanced epithelial cancer rarely were successful. By “epithelial” Dr. Abel is talking  about the most common forms of adenocarcinoma – lung, breast, prostate, colon,  etc. These account for at least 80 percent of cancer deaths in advanced  industrial countries.

“This is an astounding charge  coming from a member of the cancer establishment. In Germany they earned Abel a  big, largely favorable, article in Der Spiegel, the German equivalent of Time.  Here, the powerful chemotherapy establishment has maintained discreet silence.  More and more, toxic chemotherapy is being used against advanced cases of such  diseases. More than a million people die worldwide of these forms of cancer  every year and the majority of them now “receive some form of systemic  cytotoxic therapy before death,” wrote Dr.  Ralph Moss who continued on to say, “The  personal views of many oncologists seem to be in striking contrast to  communications intended for the public. Indeed, studies cited by Abel have  shown that many oncologists would not take chemotherapy themselves if they had  cancer.”

Dr. Abel stated, “there is no evidence for the vast majority of  cancers that treatment with these drugs exerts any positive influence on  survival or quality of life in patients with advanced disease. The almost  dogmatic belief in the efficacy of chemotherapy is usually based on false  conclusions from inappropriate data.” Small-cell lung cancer “is the only  carcinoma for which good direct evidence of a survival improvement by  chemotherapy exists,” wrote Dr. Abel but this improvement amounted to a matter  of only three months!

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