The Explosion In The Liberty Beacon Project: Thank You All


By: Roger Landry (TLB), Founder of The Liberty Beacon project.

I would like to start by thanking all TLB Staff members, project partners, project affiliates, supporters and volunteers. It is because of your dedication to this project that we are realizing this mind-bending and explosive growth not only nationally but globally.

What you see listed here are the TLB forums and their readiness with respect to the viewing or listening public. Please remember as you look at this asset breakdown, TLB had one website and one radio show a scant six months ago, and eighty percent of what you see has developed over the last sixty days. Our reach is growing globally at an exponential rate and our ability to attract great partners and guests clearly reflect this reality.

This my friends is not just a blessing for the suppressed masses of this vast subjugated population, but a necessity! Please remember our project motto

Its time to roar 04

It is only through vast numbers that we will reach a critical mass that can no longer be ignored … and through the mechanism of TLB we are helping to bring unity on a global scale with that critical mass becoming more of a reality on a daily basis.

There IS a Light Shining Brightly at the End of This Tunnel

Tunnel 01

TLB active, underconstruction and projected forums …


Radio shows

The Liberty Beacon RANT

We The People Specials

Believe It Or Not

The Gig Puzzle

Freedom of Joyce

Powers Empowering Women

And three more already in the pipeline


Active websites (USA Media) (USA Media) (Australia Media) (England/UK Media) (South Africa Media) (Freedom with Comedy)


Websites currently under construction (Child Protection) (Empowering Women) (Canadian Media) (Cree Nation Media) (Freedom with Comedy) (Child Protection), (Under protracted construction, big project) (TLB Mutli-media, social network site, HUGE longterm project)

And at least four more about to begin construction


The goal of The Liberty Beacon project is to have the largest global print New Media, grass roots network in existence by January 1st 2015 and at our present rate of expansion … this is a done deal. Together through this community we can and will effect change across this great nation and this ever shrinking world.

This my friends is only the end of the beginning with many more surprises to follow in the near future! Thanks again from myself and Adam T. White the Executive Director of this project.


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