The Genetic Bill of Rights

Authored & Contributed to TLB by: The ‘Genetic Think Tank’

The Genetic Bill of Rights attempts to define and protect the unalienable rights that all biological terrestrial life has. Those basic rights are fundamental and are considered axioms for life on earth. Since those rights have never been challenged in human history prior to our modern day era, the historic need for them to have been defined and protected has never arisen until now.

The unfortunate advent of genetic engineering and patenting of biological life for agricultural, pharmaceutical, terraformation, phyto-remediation, energy storage and conversion, computational and military purposes, has put those fundamental biological rights of nature and life on earth at a plausible risk of extinction.

Preserving the perpetuity of Biological life is considered to be humanity’s primal duty, trumping all other global mandates and obligations. The evolving sciences of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology although very promising, have also shown to be existentially threatening to life on earth especially since corporate profiteering has been the main driver of those technologies, and has played a major role in prematurely commercializing experimental aspects of those sciences with detrimental and damaging consequences.

The right of biology to be is what makes this bill such a fundamental, existential and unalienable civic right. Like many other basic human rights that have been defined and recognized globally under the United Nation charter, the goal behind creating the Genetic Bill of Rights is for it to be adopted globally and ratified by all UN member nations who value the preservation of life on earth.

Thus the need to protect life by defining and upholding its right to exist can not be emphasized enough. Those rights if protected will ensure fare into the future that biological life will be spared from genetic alteration and will be left to pursuit it’s natural evolutionary path uninterrupted


1- Article one: No sequence(s) of human DNA or synthetic sequence(s) based on human DNA shall be combined with sequence(s) from non-human DNA under any conditions.

2- Article two: No sequence(s) of human DNA or synthetic sequence(s) based on human DNA shall be combined with any form of synthetic nano-materials that has the ability to transfer and self-replicated into a next generation.

3- Article Three: No genetically modified organism can be engineered to produce any form of toxins, medicines, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, insecticide, antibiotics, vitamins and vaccine components designed for any usage.

4- Article Four: No genetically modified animal(s) should be bred nor should genetically modified plants be planted outside high security closed space laboratory and for the sole purpose of scientific pursuits.

5- Article Five: No genetically modified animals, plants, fungus, yeasts, bacteria, viruses, hormones or other GM organic or synthetic biological systems shall be bred, planted, cultured, harvested or engineered anywhere on earth for the purposes of food production, medical manufacturing or decorative application.

6- Article Six: No synthetic or bio-synthetic life form shall be grown or planted in open air spaces for purposes such as fuel, raw material, construction material, energy collection and storage, or for any other purposes if it has the ability to produce pollen, self-replicate, self-mutate, self-propagate or transfer any part of its genetic code into its surrounding environment..

7- Article Seven: Non-conventional regional and global terraformation also referred to as Geo-engineering, shall not be allowed under any pretexts such as global cooling, warming, greenhouse gases control or environmental cleanup by any individual, industry or nation without a global unalterable mandate to do so.

8- Article Eight: Only Carbon base life that nature has evolved during the course of our terrestrial evolution in the past 4.5 Billion years is to be afforded genetic rights under this bill of rights. Non-Carbon based self replicating life systems such as arsenic, silicone and others that have never evolved on earth shall not be engineered or manipulated into any form of carbon based life.

9- Article Nine: Any human-being reserves all rights to his or her genetic material including all organs, cells and identifying physical markers such as personal biometrics unique to that human. All such genetic materials intrinsic to or derived from any human-being, including his or her biometrics, is considered his or her intellectual property subject to all intellectual property protection laws and shall not be stored by any entity and any government without the owners permission.

10- Article ten: unmodified Water, soil and air are the fundamental pillars upon which biological life can exist and therefore shall be considered a right not a privilege to be used by the local ecosystem, the local people and animals that live off of their local indigenous or national land. Access to those fundamental rights shall not be infringed, restricted, diverted or rationed by governments or corporate special interests alike.

This draft document is a work in progress and a collaborative effort created by the scientists, lawyers, activists and thinkers of the ‘Genetic Think Tank’.


TLB Note:

We would like to voice our sincere thanks to the Genetic Think Tank for allowing us to be one of the first forums in the New Media to present this to the public. Your efforts and collaborations are greatly appreciated in the name of humanity!

Roger Landry: Founder of The Liberty Beacon project.

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