The Great Reset Crowd’s Overreach Will Come Back to Bite Them in the …

The Great Reset Crowd’s Overreach Will Come Back to Bite Them

By: J.B. Shurk

So-called “democracies” around the world have proven during these last two years of COVID-1984 just how authoritarian their leaders really are. They censor, compel, threaten, intimidate, and dole out physical and emotional punishments in as arbitrary and terrifying a manner as any mad king. Then the thuggish little tyrants playing Mussolini while raging against fascism run to the video cameras and boast of the joys of “democracy” and the threats of authoritarianism emanating from Russia and China.

No matter how absurd the State’s “politically correct” declarations, disagreement is now routinely labeled fascist. If you disagree with the lie that boys can be girls, you’re a fascist! If you think killing the economy to change the weather is insane, you’re a fascist! Paradoxically, the only way not to be a fascist is to abide by everything the State decrees. Only by believing and repeating everything our Western “elites” say are you then rewarded with their permission to be “free.” All they do is lie, call it truth, and wait for applause. It’s sickening stuff and the kind of shameless rhetorical tripe that only politicians can stomach.

However, this “Great Reset” planned takeover of the world through the subterfuge of a “health emergency” is beginning to sever the globalists’ hypnotic control over the people, and those in power seem blind to what’s surely coming next.

Ask yourself this as a thought experiment: if King John properly grasped that his “force and will” domination over his barons eight hundred years ago would lead to a Magna Carta moment at Runnymede that would forever limit future kings’ powers, would he have tempered his own prerogatives to tax and punish his enemies, swallowed his pride, and shown a little deference to law and custom? Likewise, however prudent it might have seemed for Parliament to impose the Stamp Act after the French and Indian War to recoup revenue from their American colonies, would the British have done so if they had known that “no taxation without representation” would become a rallying cry leading to American independence and the loss of half of their North American empire? Would third cousins Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II still have engaged in tit-for-tat testiness after the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand had they fathomed that they were gallivanting toward an unprecedented global war that would shatter their empires and obliterate the monarchies of Europe?

And how about today? Would the Davos devils and their wholly owned subsidiaries holding offices throughout the West still push mass migration, pandemic theater, and war over disputed foreign borders if they knew that their policies were creating the mother of all popular revolts?

History is replete with monarchs who failed to appreciate the chaos their actions would unleash, and as a general rule, those who started the fires didn’t get welcomed back to preside over the charred remains. Make no mistake: the West’s international network of central bank–powered financial titans, corporate principalities, techno-fascist robber barons, and Marxist-maven politicos are the twenty-first century’s monarchy – imbued with some new-age-y, atheist belief that they have been given a “divine right” to rule the planet for the planet’s own good. They have elevated themselves into the exalted status of nobility, and they have done everything in their power to make sure ordinary people treat them as royals.

Only the hoity-toity-flighty-flaunty can jaunt around on private jets to celebrate themselves at “climate” conferences in exotic locales while bashing the hoi polloi for driving around their middle-class hometowns with internal combustion engines under the hoods. If we cut off all of America’s domestic oil production, unleash skyrocketing gas prices at the pump, and force the middle class into outright poverty, that should be sufficient coercion to convince the rabble they should invest in seventy-thousand-dollar electric vehicles. Why, let them eat cake, catch COVID, or croak!

If I were a member of the self-anointed “ruling class,” I think now might be a good time to “learn to code” before the system they’ve erected to preserve their wealth and power disappears like a sand castle after a hurricane. While they’re preoccupied remaking the world in their own image, the storm around them is getting bigger.

From my vantage point, the “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your A–” anthems (the latter sung to the beat of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain“) are just getting started. It’s not as if something as harmless as a political slogan ever ended up turning the world upside-down, right? What was it Benjamin Franklin used to say to describe “the temper and conduct of America”? Oh, right: “Don’t tread on me.” How’d that work out for the world’s pre-eminent empire?

Hell, we didn’t start the fire, but now that the inferno is blazing, the globalist oligarchy is about to find out why “unintended consequences” have a tendency to send even the best laid plans up in smoke. All these presidents and prime ministers in the West robotically responding to every question with some regurgitated oratory offal promising to build back better won’t know what hit them if the suffering public decides it prefers demolishing the whole wretched system into rubble to taking a knee for a future of obedience and indentured servitude. For whom are those bells tolling off in the distance? Why, they may well be ringing for the West’s “elite.”

And why shouldn’t they?

We humans don’t like being manipulated or pushed around, yet every day our political “leaders” do both. What we have today in the West are a bunch of bought-and-paid-for autocrats who constantly tell us to be afraid…about absolutely everything. Fear is what they use to seed their lands.Fear is what they mine and reap. Fear is the currency upon which their power rests.

What the West needs are new leaders who remind us we are capable of achieving anything, no matter how difficult the struggle. What we need is the return of rugged individualism and an end to State-sponsored conformity. What we need are people who remember the importance of fighting not for their governments, but for their countries. We don’t need to depopulate the world with pandemics, abortions, and economic carnage in order to claim victory and “save it.” We need to dream such grand dreams once again that the Earth becomes our most important home base on our journey to colonize the solar system. We need to stop believing that every problem has a government answer and remember that unbridled innovation requires no mandates.

For too long, young America has followed the Big State socialism beloved in old Europe, and, unsurprisingly, America now looks and feels just as old as Europe does. Can you imagine how competitive America will be once it finally throws off the shackles weighing it down? Laying off the outdated bureaucrats, trimming the Leviathan down to size, unleashing the free market’s engine for growth, and cutting out all the institutional dead weight — that’s how America gets its mojo back. That’s the America that anyone with a pulse would want to take out for a spin. And in an America that embraces adventure and mocks fear, there’s just no room for an Old Guard cabal that knows only how to over-promise, under-perform, and punish anyone who complains.

The build back better bullies have set out to cement their grip on world power. What they may very well discover in the years to come is that they set the stage, albeit inadvertently, for a new “New World Order” to arise — one that leaves them out of the picture for good.


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