The Great West to East Power Shift.

Zine 02By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor.

The carcass has very little meat left and the vultures have started migrating to a fresh prey.

The Banking cartel and their minions know the West is dying, their fiat monetary regime is coming to an end, therefore they are migrating wealth, including the 100 year loot, their Ponzi scheme helped generate from the unsuspecting nations of the West to Asia. There is even an institution created by the BRICS nations that will replace the IMF. A new global currency with the Yuan as the nucleus will dethrone a debased US dollar leaving the West with painful hyperinflation.

What is occurring in the West is a controlled demolition of the economy that started with the World Trade Center Building Seven on September 11 2001, from that date on, all went downhill with expensive and unnecessary wars that turned into quagmires, and the incredible explosion of national debt. The Lehman Brothers was allowed to fail on September 15 2008 to manufacture an economic crisis and extract an enormous amount of wealth from the tax payers in the form of bailout, needless to say, this deception was engineered to accelerate the theft of huge American Wealth for the benefit of the banking ruling class.

Zine 04The housing bubble, another manufactured crisis, resulted in massive foreclosures for the banker’s profit and allowed China to buy these distressed assets pennies on the dollar. Gold has been moving to the East in an unprecedented pace and amount, aided by the Federal Reserve beat down of prices. China is now sitting on top of 8000+ tons of Gold. QE to infinity and The gargantuan bubble in the Bonds markets will be the final blow and is expected to transfer (steal) in the form of bail in, Greek style, wealth sitting in US Banks checking and saving accounts.

The US Military is being weakened with substantial cuts and essential programs elimination, so that the ability to protect assets in the middle-east and beyond may be fatally compromised and leaving the nation vulnerable. Most of the troops are deployed oversea in an effort to limit a possible military insurgency or mutiny here at home.

Zine 03Recently, the traitor in chief was outmaneuvered by the Eastern Powers with the Syrian situation, revealing our structural weaknesses, and this may relate to the Obama’s off mic remark promising Putin his forthcoming flexibility. We are so broke that the next war with Syria will finish us off in the same manner Afghanistan contributed in the collapse of the USSR.

The Saudis are hedging their bets, looking to the East. Since he came to the throne in 2005, King Abdullah has adopted a pro-Asian, “look east” trade policy.

And it is also no accident, that the much-maligned defense contractor Halliburton has moved its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2007.

The Plutocracy has been preparing for this shift of power for a while and have been weakening the constitution and individual freedom by instituting totalitarian measures, complete with police state and FEMA gulags. Russian troops are already on US soil, they are occupying US/Alaska Wrangell Island in the Arctic. Putin’s troops are astoundingly getting help from President Obama and “Skull and bones” Secretary of State Kerry.

In closing, the US carcass has run out of meat and the Banksters vultures are eying the East to prey upon with their parasitic usury for the next 100 years.

Buyback 03The only thing that is standing between their diabolical designs and our demise are our guns – The United States has the largest number of guns in private hands of any country in the world with an estimated 60 million or more people owning a combined arsenal of over 200 million firearms  – Do not give them away!

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