The Heart of War, The True Motivation

WarChariot-1[1]Commentary by TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine

Come to think of it … War has no Heart.

So what is this all about? First of all, as you know, war is a constant on this planet but not at all necessary, I think most will agree. But what’s at the bottom of it?

To start with, on the surface war has mostly been justified or disguised as a means to preserve our freedoms. The “facts” presented are that all the prerequisite negotiations have been exhausted. That’s what they tell us. You can easily envision the headlines – “PEACE TALKS BREAK DOWN. WAR DECLARED!” Big red letters on the cover of all the major newspapers.

Although there have been many, many “peace treaties” proposed and carried out to some extent, they always seem to follow with another war. It’s pretty inevitable. The treaty appears to be just another break in the fray because one side lost, so the game is over for the time being.

The fact is, though, the great majority of us do not want war. We want to live in peace, enjoy our freedoms and rights, our families, our neighbors, do a good job at work, etc. Some even care – benevolently – about what’s happening outside of their own state or country. So who does want war?

8b03552v[1]War is big business. Financing comes from the guys pulling the strings that make politicians jump. These international bankers pay for both sides of the war, supplying guns and ammunition; they have no allegiance to either side. Concepts like honor, duty, love and loyalty have been blacked out of their dictionaries.

So having no morals to begin with makes it so much easier to do what they do best – encourage conflicts among nations. If you scan your mind for your knowledge of history, what else is there? I’ll bet the first image that comes up is a battle. War is synonymous with history.

Let’s take a fairly current example – 911. That false flag obviously created a conflict between the US and the Middle East. So now we citizens have to be “protected.” And war ensues. This is not news to many of you but the fact that wars are always created from this recipe may not be fully known by everyone. It’s their ace in the hole, their modus operandi.

If they can keep nations fighting with each other, they know these unsuspecting countries will buy their guns – after borrowing billions of dollars which they can’t pay back. Sounds like the ultimate in traps, doesn’t it?


On a small scale, here’s how it works: Joe, a “friend”, tells Harry something bad said about Harry by Jim. Then Joe goes to Jim and says something bad Harry said about Jim. Now Harry and Jim are enraged and there’s a fight. Could go on forever – even if what was originally revealed wasn’t even true. Very often, Joe is never found out as being the instigator.

FearSo that’s how wars get started – by pushing alarming lies on both sides that create fear, anger, paranoia and violence. Newspapers and TV news are the greatest vias for this stunt.

This is a piece of technology that’s been around for quite some time and some people know about it. But what’s beneath this tactic? Why do they do it? One could say it’s because of a lust for power and money. Yes, that’s true.

But even beneath that? They’re terrified of us. The more of us they can do away with, the more they feel “safe.” This is where wars, GMO foods, chemtrails, psychiatric drugs, vaccinations and Obamacare come in handy.

They don’t see us for who we truly are – citizens, human beings trying to get along with each other and even THEM. In their eyes, we are the enemy, plain and simple. That is their ultimate, rock bottom conviction. They have all kinds of “reasons” for doing what they do which they actually believe but the answer is fear. I can’t say that enough. It’s very simple.

Respect Offered1The solution is to not fall into the pit of fighting with each other; don’t play their game. Don’t forget, there aren’t nearly as many of them as there are of us. Take advantage of that and find the common ground among us. It’s not difficult to see what that could be – a love of this country and our constitution. That goes way beyond party lines or even religions.

Our defeat doesn’t come from the strength of our enemies but our weakness in not uniting.

We need to keep doing what we’re doing on this website and others like it. We expose them. If they’re afraid of us, they’re thousands of times more afraid of the truth. That is our ultimate weapon.

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