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Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Over the years we have watched with semi-interest and disdain as the governments of one country after another choked off the rights and liberties of its people to attain absolute power by deception, force, or both! All the while most in this country are smug in their belief that “this is America and that can’t possibly happen here!” Please let me list a few facts about OUR government, and then ask yourself this again …

As of the last few years our government (congress and our president) have passed laws or executive orders giving themselves the power and authority to do the following (not a complete list by far).

Restrict our right to demonstrate against any government facility or official (government or not) accompanied by secret service (our right to assembly).

Restrict our rights to unreasonable search and seizure as long and law enforcement can show reasonable ignorance of the law (Yes I really said that).

Restrict out rights to speak out against the government including designated “free speech zones”. Congress is even now working on a bill to criminalize investigative reporting that exposes the crimes of government (freedom of speech).

Restrict our rights to practice openly the religion of our choice (freedom of religion).

Instituted indefinite detention without due process.

Instituted assassination without due process.

The power to declare martial law at will, and force citizens into labor.

The power to control and shut down all internal communications including that which is privately owned.

The power to spy and collect data on all citizens without our knowledge (our right to reasonable privacy).

The power to conduct warrant-less searches, or the authority to write their own warrant without just cause.

The construction of hundreds of FEMA (internment) camps strategically placed around the country, each ringed with razor wire (pointed in) and equip with caged personnel carriers for transporting occupants (prisoners).

The hiring of thousands of TSA and Homeland Security agents from the dregs and thugs of this country (storm troopers).

The purchase of a huge number of war-proven assault rifles, AMRAP vehicles and well over two BILLION rounds of ammunition, including a large quantity of .40 cal hollow point (meant only to kill) bullets for use by these internal government forces.

The use of drones in our skies, street lights and stoplight surveillance cameras, smart appliances, smart phones and cable boxes, etc… to watch and track our every move.

The use of social media to collect facts and personal information on hundreds of millions of Americans without their permission or knowledge.

America on her knees 01

So are there really any among you … even the most ardent sheep … who believe all the above stated is in ANY fashion normal, benevolent, or in our best interest … REALLY?

Now let’s go back to the first paragraph and realize that someday real soon someone in Sweden or Turkey or Australia will be watching their TV with semi-interest and disdain and observing as the government of this country chokes off the rights and liberties of its people to attain absolute power by deception, force, or both …

And you are doing what? WAKE UP, or don’t complain because this is, through our complacency and apathy, what We The People have allowed to happen!

Liberty in this land of Liberty today is an every expanding illusion. As this illusion grows stronger, our ability to push back fades in a proportional fashion … We The People are approaching …

“The Point Of No Return”

When the government no longer serves the will and needs of the people, it is the DUTY of We The people to remove that government and replace it with one that will! The struggle for liberty may cost you a lot, but doing nothing will cost you everything!

And you say ???

The above commentary was written at the dawn of The Liberty Beacon project and shared widely across social media. With the launching of our first website, this commentary was updated and modified into the following article which provides much more detail and references as to the accusations made above … Please take the time to read it.

The Truth Of Tyranny: What We Have Already Lost

Parting Shot:

Activist Prayer

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