The Law is, The Law: Unless You Are in a Position of Power …

Obama and HolderCommentary by: Chaplain Robert Poynter, TLB Contributor

George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges. Whether or not you agree with the verdict he was found Not Guilty in a court of law. I personally believe, the jury made the right decision, the only decision any juror could rationally make when presented with all the evidence and testimony.

We are innocent in this country until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

From the moment police arrived at the scene and the investigation began, Zimmerman was considered innocent. He was found by those investigating the case that he justifiably used deadly force to defend himself against serious bodily injury. The detective who investigated the shooting, the Chief of Police and the District Attorney, after viewing the evidence believed Zimmerman was innocent of any wrong doing or they would have arrested him and prosecuted the case.

They did not arrest or prosecute. Zimmerman’s problems should have ended there, but people who should know better, people who are educated and know the law, but don’t respect the law, just wouldn’t leave an innocent man alone.

4f142272b6912046f8410c9f570f0126[1]Shame on President Obama, Eric Holder, Florida Governor Rick Scott, State Attorney Angela Corey, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the media, and all the other irresponsible people who played the race card where there was none and politically pressured the justice system into prosecuting an innocent man.

Now we come to the trial and the same people are not happy with the verdict and they are now going after George Zimmerman with a Civil Rights Violation, Harry Reid (minority house leader) and others in the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) have decided that the jury was wrong and are behind trying to get these new charges brought up in a Civil Court. Even though Obama has said the courts have spoken, He also said we must find a way to honor Trayvon Martin. Why is our own leadership still fanning the flames of racism?

Those who are still calling for “justice” need to take a course in the Judicious Use of Deadly Force so they too will understand what the detective investigating the Zimmerman shooting, the Chief of Police, and the District Attorney all understood when they chose not to arrest or prosecute Zimmerman for justifiably using deadly force to defend himself against serious bodily injury.

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  1. The racist in the oval office had absolutely no authority to insinuate himself, holder, sharpton, jackson, and the nbp to incite hate and race crimes. This was used by the criminal in the oval office to distract from the other crimes he is committing (present tense). Fast & Furious, Drones murdering innocent men, women, and children, the illegal war crimes in Libya resulting in the murder of Ghadafi, false claim of killing obl (dead for 10 years), the premeditated murder of the Seal Team 6 (no body, no evidence, no witnesses, didn’t happen), Benghazi, arming the enemy al cia da terrorist in Syria, funding and arming the al cia da terrorists, the IRS, NSA, AP.

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