The Law of “Things” – The “UNITED STATES” Isn’t What You Think!

The Law of “Things”

By: Ray Greninger

I’ve been going on about how we have all been turned into “things” in the eyes of the law. That it is these “things” that are “charged” with whatever statutory violation, and we are presumed to have pledged ourselves as surety for these “things.” That’s why we go to jail or pay the fine instead of these “things.” Things can’t go to jail or pay fines. They need us, flesh and blood Men and Women to assume the responsibility for the actions and debts of these “things.”

Every time you sign some official document you are asked if you are a US citizen. Why is that? Because a US citizen is a statutory “thing.” Why is a US citizen a statutory thing? Because the the UNITED STATES is federal corporation: 28 U.S. code § 3002 (15( (a). “UNITED STATES” means (a) a federal corporation. So what does that mean?  It means The UNITED STATES is something different. The union of the states is known as The united States of America and the government created by that union is the government of the united States of America, also known as the United States. That government was created by the 1787 constitution for the united States of America.

Right from the git go there were international forces that strongly objected to this arrangement, this government of the people, by the people. They set out to undermine this new government. They took a clause in the Constitution, known as the plenary clause, which gave congress absolute control of the ten square mile area known as the District of Columbia, and convinced congress to incorporate the government of the District of Columbia. The name of that corporation is the UNITED STATES. They convinced, or bribed, congress that they needed to incorporate in order to do business with various subcontractors and such . Was this necessary? Maybe, maybe not. Under American common law this was simply unnecessary because the organic government is not incorporated. BUT, under law merchant, only corporations can engage in “commerce.” The bankers needed an entity to deal with and eventually take control of. Thus, the UNITED STATES was born.

Why is this so important? We have been brainwashed into believing that being a US citizen is somehow the patriotic thing to be. Why, of course we are US citizens, aren’t we? Well, this where your ignorance rears its stupid, ugly head. Ignorance is generally a bad thing. And in this case it’s a very bad thing. You are claiming to be something you are not. Unless you live in DC or are an employee or officer of the UNITED STATES you are simply an American. It was and is Americans that created this government and they can not be citizens of any polity unless they volunteer to hold office or work for it. This includes State governments. To be a citizen is an inferior political status. It means you pledge allegiance to a polity. Now, why would we pledge allegiance to something we created? We wouldn’t and we shouldn’t.

So, to be a US citizen is to be subordinate to the UNITED STATES. To be a US citizen is to be an employee or officer of a corporation known as the UNITED STATES. Is that what you signed up for? It is an agreement to be subject to the laws and codes and statutes of a privately owned corporation, no different than Microsoft. It is merely the commercial body of the government of the united States that can sue and be sued. It can operate in commerce. It is a private club created for the benefit of a few men (definitely not you). And you want to be a part of that? ‘Scuse me while I bury my head in my hand.

All of this was necessary for the international bankers to gain control of our monetary system and thus, us.  They couldn’t accomplish that under the constitution, so they bypassed it. They created a separate jurisdiction known as the UNITED STATES. They created a legal fiction that looked and sounded like the real thing but it is still just a legal “thing.” This “thing” needed real men an women to provide the energy it needed to survive. But since it could not deal with flesh and blood men and women it created “things” known as: the legal name, driver, voter, citizen, JOHN SMITH, the STATE OF ______, defendant, agent, individual, parent, child, Citizen, citizen, on and on and convinced you to act as surety for them.  And you thought those words were simply what you are or what your state is. Nope, they mean something entirely different to these criminals running things , they just never told you.

This is all due to a system of law known as Law Merchant, or the law of the sea or the law of commerce, which is the realm of paper, negotiable instruments and contracts. It is private law entered into voluntarily in order to do business in commerce, or, in other words, to trade by way of or through artificial entities known as corporations. Corporations are an invention of the Holy See. The Vatican owns all corporations because it created the “thing.” It has been said that the Vatican is actually doing the work of Lucifer because Lucifer is a copycat of the Creator. He creates fictitious entities and then demands control of them. Why would the “Church” be involved in such things? I’ll let you answer that one.

What we have now is a “world” of fictions. In statutory law, the world of paper governed by the UCC-Uniform Commercial Code, everything, including you and me, is a “thing.” The thing that you believe is you was created by way of the birth certificate and all the other “things” like “driver,” “voter,” “defendant,” “taxpayer,” “parent,” “child,” the list goes on and on and on, come from it. You have been converted into a thing and you were never told. It is a world of deception. It is false. And it must come to an end.

There are countless people trying to make sense of it all and they offer “solutions” that will get you out of traffic tickets (when you “drive” in “traffic” you are engaging in commerce) to felony charges. They all have a different approach ranging from banking laws to common law, to UCC, to written statutes to holding officials liable for their actions that are contrary to statute, to throwing around negotiable instruments, all sorts of stuff. They all have one thing in common, they don’t work all of the time. People end up in jail if they are not very proficient in the area of law they choose to employ. So why don’t these approaches, which are based on the various sorts of law, work all of the time? After all, they are using the laws created by these criminals in charge against them. Why don’t they work all of time? Because the folks in charge are criminals, period, end of story. If that shocks you, have another drink and go back to sleep because it is your faith in these people to do the right thing that enables them to rob and murder you.

AND, it is the introduction of the law of the sea, or law merchant onto the land that enables them to pull the wool over your eyes. It is the one thing that has corrupted a system that was designed to guard against it. Clever, eh? I hereby call for an end to the private law merchant. I call for an end to legal fictions and corporations and trusts and LLCs and every kind of artificial legal and paper “thing.”.

So many have tried to work with the system or learn how to navigate within it, to live with it. They say it is too big to get rid of. I disagree. I say it is time to rid the world of the fiction. It is the world of Satan and we can, and should no longer accept it as our reality. It must end. How, you ask? I call on every one who is trying to work with the system or to withdraw from it or to take advantage of it or whatever else they are working on to put their wonderful minds to the task of eliminating it. After all, it is our world, it was given to us by the creator, surely we have a right and a duty to run it as we see fit. By we, I mean the good and well meaning people of Earth. The people who just want to live their lives as they see fit; who wish no harm on others.; who believe that peace is far preferable to war and subjugation; who refuse to tolerate those who would do them harm or take advantage of them. In other words, most people on this planet.

It is time to end the law of things. Make it go away, abolish it.


This article (The Law of “Things”) was originally created and published by rogsblog and is republished here under “Fair Use” (see disclaimer below) with attribution to author Ray Greninger and rogsblog.


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  1. Non-participation is the only way out. And it will take, at the very least, tens of thousands acting in unison dropping out by creating something new for themselves on the local level. Forget petitioning TPTB to stop their nonsense… you will only become their target. We must overwhelm them with civil non-compliance… no more mass protests but rather real community building that only involves one hundred percent consensual participation… screw going along with the so-called majority decision of ‘a democracy’ . IF ALL PARTICIPATION ISN’T 100% CONSENSUAL then it is forced slavery. There is more coercion and slavery today than any time in history… I DO NOT CONSENT MYSELF TO THE CURRENT SYSTEM !!! …but this must all be done NON-VIOLENTLY… violence both implied and overt is how the present predatory system maintains control… AND THE AGRESSOR IS ALWAYS WRONG… always !!

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