The Liberty Beacon Rant – Deadly Vaccines: Mercury, Aluminum & the Poisoning of Our Children

148203_386335081452359_1644368659_n[2]Welcome to The Liberty beacon Rant with hosts Roger Landry (TLB) and Paula Mathers. This episode #6 of the series ‘The 4 WMD Humanity May Not Survive’  Is full of information that is absolutely sure to boil your blood …

Mercury is the second most toxic substance on this planet to human physiology, and can cause catastrophic harm if ingested or injected in even minute amounts. Yet doctors recommend pregnant mothers get a flu shot to protect themselves and the health of their unborn child. NOTHING could be further than the truth! Listen to this show for the shock of your life.

When our own government contradicts itself to the detriment of our health and safety with pending catastrophic consequences (no exaggeration), is it well past time to stop trusting our government?

Please listen to some ultra shocking but factual revelations concerning Flu Vaccines, Mercury and Aluminum …

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