The Liberty Beacon RANT: Warfare, A Tool – Part #1

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The Liberty Beacon RANT: Warfare, A Tool – Part #1

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The Tyranny of War & The Ignorance of Men


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

If you think warfare is spontaneous, linked to the trials and tribulations of one country vs another or as is often eluded to … a benevolent action to rescue an enslaved or brutalized population from a despotic leader … you probably still believe in the Easter Bunny. Wars are a tool for both control and profit in a scenario where the winners are the large global financial institutions and the Military Industrial Complex. And the undisputed losers are the hundreds of millions who have died under false premises and the blatant lies of their leaders who, in many cases only serve these Elitist Oligarchs

If you think, as we are often told, that war has spread across the Middle East in a progressive fashion tied to protracted events as they unfold and mature … how does the Kool-aid taste? America was destined to invade and occupy the Middle East since the mid 1990’s and some say even earlier. What was always missing was a catalyst … a reason to gain the willing support of We The People and keep us engaged via the mechanisms of patriotism and fear. This my friends was 9/11 and within days (not weeks) plans already many years old were being dusted off to occupy a resource-rich and strategically important segment of this globe

The end result of this plan of ultimate tyranny was/is the enriching of the already mega-rich, the institution of additional central style banks controlled by the elitist financial global Robber Barons, the control of strategic lands and resources and the elimination or fatal weakening of the unwanted and unwashed masses who may stand in the way of the accomplishment of the aforementioned plans.

What we elude to here is not an easy pill to swallow if this is your first foray into … REALITY! So we present just one scenario (there are many if you look) centered on a career military person, one who had the means and wherewithal to be in the know. Ask yourself this … as shocking as this revelation is, as blatantly as it exposes the complicity of our government and military with the global corporatist elite … what would the General have to gain by making this up … and why does it fit the past and ongoing policy we see in play half way around the world

We start with General Wesley Clark making the claim that America underwent a “policy coup” at the time of the 9/11 attacks

In the video presented here, Gen. Clark reveals that, right after 9/11, he was privy to information contained in a classified memo: US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Gee, do these countries sound familiar?

He was told by Pentagon sources: “We learned that we can use our military without being challenged …. and we’ve got about five years to clean up the Soviet client regimes before another superpower comes along and challenges us.”

“This was a policy coup … these people took control of policy in the United States …”

Just who are “these people”? Hmmm could they be those who stood the most to gain in both wealth and power?

And clean up what about the ex-Soviet client regimes? None had eyes on attacking the US, none had the means to even pose a threat to the worlds only remaining superpower. … No my friends, it was never about what we had … it was always about what they had … and the puppet masters wanted!

Please watch this video and understand this is the point in American history when tyranny accelerated exponentially against not only those countries listed, but also against We The People with ramifications never conceived of before. And all as a result of the massive lies perpetrated by “those Who Would Play God” by using the tyranny of war against the ignorance of men !!!

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