The Mac Daddies, Pimps, and Whores of the Healthcare System

 big-pharma-cover-up-in-full-swing_300[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Now before you push back on the title let me explain just why I feel this way.

The system of healthcare we suffer today is more reminiscent of a Mac Daddy, Pimp, Whore relationship whereby the Pimp (FDA, CDC etc…) uses the Whore (We The People) to provide wealth and power through fear and control to the Mac Daddy (Big Pharmaceutical). Everything is done strictly to benefit the Mac Daddy with little to no thought or considerations for the Whore! Yea this may be overly graphic and in your face, but if you really think about this … tell me where I am wrong! 

Be it the FDA or the CDC (Who’s motto is “Protecting Your health 24/7”) there is unequivocal proof that it is no longer (and has not been for a very long time) their mission to look out for the health of We The People, and anyone with half a brain can see this! But that IS the issue isn’t it, because through the severe Drugging and Dumbing Down of America as it exists today … most can’t lay claim to half a brain!

big-pharma[1]So lets discuss one specific (there are thousands). Drug overdoses are at an epidemic level in America, yet the FDA (Pimp) “against the recommendations of a vast majority of their own advisory committee” (Yea … read that again!) legalizes “Super-Vicodin” what could possibly be the most dangerous and addictive drug ever created by mankind, and in the process (unlike past heavy narcotics) make it suitable for snorting and mainlining by leaving out the additives that in the past discouraged this behavior! Now Big Pharma (Mac Daddy) stands to make huge profits on this substance on both legal and illegal sales, and any treatment for addiction, off us (Whores) … Hmmm

At the same time they continue blocking the legalization of Cannabis which is known NOT to be addictive or dangerous and can’t be fatal (can’t overdose). It is also common knowledge that it contains many excellent health benefits (unlike the deadly narcotics being pushed by Big Pharma), including being an extremely beneficial and effective treatment for cancer, another catastrophic health issue facing America today which Big Pharma (Mac Daddy) profits hugely from. But the legalization of Cannabis wont benefit Big Pharmaceutical nerely as much because it cant be controlled as effectively as a dangerous narcotic regulated by the government (Pimp) can, so it will never be as profitable …

How much more do we need to see to prove rampant cronyism in this government?  To prove unequivocally that they care nothing at all for the health of the very citizens they are charged with and sworn to protect, but instead care only for the corporations, such as Big Pharmaceutical, that they serve.

Attached you will find an article that ought to make your blood boil. The source should not come under fire as the facts can be verified. Please read it and understand this government is long past protecting your health and has traversed well into the realm of cronyism on steroids, or basically, your health and very life is for sale … just like any other Whore!


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FDA: No to Medical Marijuana, Yes to “Super-Vicodin”

By: Russ Belville

For years we have been told that raw, crude marijuana plants do not meet the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) guidelines for a safe, effective medicine. Cannabis remains a Schedule I substance, deemed to have no medicinal value, is dangerously addictive and holds a high potential for abuse.

Now, that same FDA has approved a new painkiller called Zohydro. This is a pill that contains 10 times the opioid hydrocodone as found in the often-abused Vicodin. Worse, the drug is the first approved hydrocodone drug that is not cut with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Unlike the recently reformulated OxyContin, Zohydro does not contain any additives to prevent its users from crushing and snorting or shooting the drug. Abuse concerns led the FDA’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee to vote 11 to 2 against recommending the drug’s approval.

But the FDA approved the drug anyway, even though the Centers for Disease Control tell us fatal overdoses from painkillers are reaching epidemic levels in the United States. A global study published in The Lancet found that opioid drugs are the most dangerous in terms of mortality, especially compared to cocaine and marijuana. Americans, comprising less than five percent of the world’s population, consume 80% of all opioids and 99% of all hydrocodone.

Also raising eyebrows is the company the FDA has approved to produce this new “Super-Vicodin:” Alkermes. In addition to making this powerfully addictive opioid drug, Alkermes makes the popular naltrexone medication Vivitrol, which is used to treat addictions to… wait for it… opioids. Sure, this may be no more shady than cigarette companies that also sell smoking cessation patches, until you find out that Alkermes also financially supports the American Society of Addiction Medicine, aka Big Rehab.

When OxyContin first hit the market there was a big spike in addiction problems and experts believe the release of Zohydro will repeat the devastation. Yet even as the current opioids have led to addiction epidemics, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has approved a 1,500% increase in quotas on hydrocodone manufacturing throughout the medical marijuana era. A DEA rep explained that so many pain pills had to be made because there had to be enough left for legitimate patients after all the recreational users had illegally gotten theirs. Too bad that excuse doesn’t work for medical marijuana gardens.

Cannabis has been shown to work synergistically with opioid painkillers to improve the quality of pain relief and reduce the amount of pills needed. Most clients of the Berkeley Patients Group surveyed said using cannabis allowed them to cut their use of prescription pain killers by up to half. But when there’s so much money to be made getting people hooked on synthetic heroin, and money to made on the drug to help them kick it, and money to be made on the rehab treatment, a safer, cheaper, effective, non-addictive herbal alternative is a danger… to your bottom line.

“Radical” Russ Belville is the host of The Russ Belville Show, which airs live at 3pm Pacific.


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