The Making of “In The Name of Freedom”

The making of “In The Name of Freedom”

TLB Editors Note: Tony Olson is an all-star player on the TLB team. He is a published author with the ability to also write well researched articles, poetry and song lyrics as well! Tony wrote this article and song for Veterans day in 2016 … but we feel the message is just as germane today (if not more so). So in celebration of Veterans Day we once again offer this outstanding presentation.


By Author, TLB Project Contributor, and TLBTV show host … Tony Olson

Few things, if any, inspire me as much as our military veterans. The immeasurable sacrifices that were made to protect this great country transcend political ideologies and bring us together in mutual admiration and respect for those who have served. That inspiration has continued to manifest itself within the limited confines of my cerebellum. As such, I have become the ultimate cheerleader for those who fought for our freedom.

Veteran’s Day has long been my favorite day of the year. Each year, on that day, I pick a local restaurant and stop in for breakfast . . . a long breakfast. From the time I am seated to the time I leave, I pick up the tab for every veteran in the restaurant. It’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one. I’ve been doing it for years. And, I will continue to do it.

Last year, I began to feel that my “Thank You Breakfast” was not enough. I wanted to do something a little extra to honor our veterans. Ultimately, it occurred to me that there should be a way to use my writing abilities to create a proper tribute. My first thought was to write a song, but since I lacked the necessary skills to write the music and perform said tribute, I would have to search for the right melody as well as someone who could sing it. Enter Dave Nudo.

In March, I was invited to be on a local talk show to discuss my book Spin Game. The other guest on that show was Dave Nudo, a very talented singer and songwriter. During the show, Dave played a song which instantly caught my attention. The melody of that song, or some form of it, was the melody I had been looking for. A few days later, I called Dave and asked if he could use the basic styling of that piece of music for a song I was considering for a veteran tribute. He was all in. Over the next 3 months, I spent numerous hours trying to craft some lyrics that would satisfy my now-inflated expectations. I finally finished the lyrics about three weeks ago.

My original lyrics spawned a song whose length made “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” look like Haiku. But, two weeks and several literary extractions later, we had our song. It is our sincere hope that a “big name” country artist will pick this up and record it. That way, more veterans will get a chance to hear our tribute. Please share this song with those you know who served our country. God bless our veterans.

Written By: Tony Olson

Music By: Dave Nudo

Please enjoy …

“In The Name of Freedom”

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About the Author: Tony Olson is an American journalist, and bestselling author. His book SPIN GAME: Exposing Political Lies And Tactics was an Amazon Top Ten Bestseller. In addition to his great articles he hosts the TLBTV show ‘SPIN GAME’. Tony also authored Twas The Night Before Inauguration”,  Ode to Liberal Lunacy, and MY FAVORITE EXCUSES Sung by Hillary (Parody), as well as other outstanding songs and satirical poems that can be found on The Liberty Beacon. Tony currently lives in Boise, Idaho.


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