The Mother of All Conspiracies


Contributed to TLB By: The Weekend Vigilante Show hosted by Sheila Zilinsky and featuring her special guest: Dr. Jim Garrow. Former CIA Operative weighs in on the Bombshell show that connects the dots on the headlines …

Mankind faces a common foe. This nefarious foe presumes that they have the God-given right to exert full spectrum dominance over every area of our lives. What we are witnessing is an all out war on America on all fronts. The plundering and pillaging, there’s only pirate terms for the visceral extirpation of freedoms & liberty.

We don’t have rights-we have “permissions & privileges now. We’re witnessing a modern day NAZI takeover unfolding before our eyes; we’ve moved from a soft, ambiguous tyranny to a more aggressive full-out dictatorial, tyrannical imperialism.

Think about the Thousands of unconstitutional regulations, presidential fiat, domestic spying, a draconian police state, IRS abuses, prosecutorial abuses, refusal to execute laws, changing laws – the list goes on and on to the point of nausea. America wasn’t the last bastion;  it’s the first and only bastion of hope, freedom & liberty.

America once stood firm as the liberty beacon for the world, the moral compass, the sheriff in town. The USA was once envied by the world for a democratic constitutional republic like none in this world … a Christian nation with deep roots in biblical principals. Yet Somewhere along the way we’ve lost our ability to be that moral compass to the rest of the world. We’ve allowed ourselves to be Taken over from the inside by a group of sociopathic unscrupulous out of control rogue evil charlatans, who are hell bent on destroying this once great country.

I don’t know if it’s our GMO food, the Fluoridation & Big Pharma run off in the water, the Chemtrails, but let’s face it here ‘We’ve got a dumbed down public’, even sadder is 80% of so-called Christians walking around in a complete dystopic trance shrugging their shoulders singing Kumbaya while Rome burns around us acquiescing to the  establishment of this systematic dehumanization.

We are being taught to love our servitude, while they usurp our freedoms an excerpt full spectrum dominance over every area of our lives – sit down; shut up; you will do what you’re bloody well told and don’t dare question your government or you’re a terrorist.

Body scanners, Citizen Spies, sound cannons, drones, staged terror,  and cameras on every street corner – this is big meets draconian police state … an extirpated Constitution and even more fervent all-out war on Christianity; a soft kill culling and it’s only the beginning of the new world orders hellish eugenics plan … The time to act is now folks. Time to hit our knees, repent and seek God in this one.

Sheila Zilinsky, the Weekend Vigilante®

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  1. My good luck is that I’m not American and in Britain and Europe there are signs that a grass roots resistance movement is forming.

    What’s happening in USA is scary, some of us did warn this would happen in Obama was elected. It might have happened had he been beaten in either election too, but it was so obvious that the quasi religious cult that grew up around him were focusing on entirely the wrong things, his African father rather than his collectivist promises, his empty words rather than the question of who was funding him and so on.
    tick to the job, people are starting to see the light in large numbers

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