The New Eugenics Program

win-micro-gates25_01[1]By: Lori, TLB Contributor.

As I research more into Monsanto & GMO’s, there is one name that is coming up consistently – Bill Gates. The evil that this man is doing is unconscionable. Lets take a look at what he is trying to do…….

First off, lets take a look at what he said at a conference about lowering the population on the planet. Listen very carefully to this video, especially the time frame between 2:45 to 2:55.

You may need to listen to that several times to catch what he says. Here is another video where he is saying vaccines are lowering the population growth in certain countries.

Here is another interview he did about lowering the population growth thru vaccines

In 2011, the Oral Polio Vaccine that was dropped from the CDC schedule because it caused Polio. (keep in mind, its a LIVE virus, not dead) There was 47,500 cases of polio & deaths from Polio AFTER the Gates foundation did a Polio vaccine campaign in India.

Keep in mind that Polio cases were flat from 2000 to 2010 but jumped in 2011. At least 50 kids were paralyzed after getting the Meningitis vaccine in Nigeria after being locked in a school & being told if they didn’t get the vaccine they wouldn’t get any more schooling. The kids were evacuated over 300 miles to a hospital where there is only one doctor for the region & then the government of Nigeria bribed the parents into silence. They were more worried about protecting the safety of the Meningitis vaccines program than protecting the kids. The people who were vaccinating these kids fled in fear after they saw what happened to the kids they had vaccinated. If the vaccine wasn’t the cause then why did they flee?

Now, how does this egotistical person tie in with Monsanto? Easy…….he owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto valued at $23 MILLION dollars. When asked why he owns so much of Monsanto, he dodges the question.

Keep in mind that GMO crops have been banned in most countries around the world. That Monsanto has put themselves above the law here in the U.S. We are not entitled to know what is in our food & we really have to go out of way to know if we are eating GMO products or not.

Look at what is on a bag of seed from Monsanto that is in India.

Take a good look at that label……..does it look like we are supposed to be eating the product of that seed?

Who’s in charge of food safety when it comes GMO products? Recently, a big shot from Monsanto was appointed to the food czar. Talk about the fox watching the hen house.

European scientists have discovered thru studies that GMO food cause cancer, infertility problems & a host of other issues.

Controlling reproduction……how many times did we hear that in those videos above?

WHO gave this guy permission to play God with people’s lives? He made mega bucks off his Windows program that is on 99% of the computers in the world. Now he is making money on a GMO product that is known to cause problems in people.

According to Gates, vaccinating the worlds population is God’s work. I guess he is calling himself God.

I don’t believe that God wants us to inject us with toxins that are in vaccines.


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