The Perfect Storm: Russia Continues Military Buildup in Syria


While Mainstream Media may not be our choice for news, what they are reporting does inform us of how the powers that be wish us to see and react to a given scenario. What follows below is a grave look into what we and the world in general face today. The great military powers of this planet are currently aligning themselves for what could easily explode into another global conflict.

What we are witnessing is the same scenario that played out prior to both preceding world wars, and all it will take is one catastrophic miscalculation to trigger what can only be characterized as the mother of all wars.

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Russia has deployed 28 combat planes in Syria, US officials said, confirming the latest move in Moscow’s increasing military presence in the war-torn nation. For more on this see:

Russian (invited), Chinese, Iranian and Syrian forces now align to eradicate ISIS (a US and allies construct) from Syria. Meanwhile the US and allies are violating Syrian sovereignty (not invited) to (supposedly) battle the ISIS scourge. The US and allies do not support the oppressive dictator Assad, but the Russians and her allies (to some extent) do. The motivations and goals of both sides are murky at best and ominous at worst.

What we are looking at here is the stage for the perfect storm of catastrophe … a virtual explosive scenario of un-imaginable  consequences. And you and I sit on the sidelines observing what may very well lead to the most violent and deadly time in global history. The four most powerful military entities on this planet (Russia, China, America and NATO) squaring off.

May God have mercy on our souls!

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Video: Russian/Iranian Military Buildup in Syria

Fox news uncovered a secret deal between Russia, Syria and Iran to aid Assad against US efforts in Syria under the guise of an anti-ISIS mission. The report suggests that Russian military troops are actually fighting anti-Assad forces in the already war-torn nation where US airstrikes are being conducted. The US State Department continues to downplay these events, and so far has not given any response to these actions by Russia. Many experts fear that with so many nations fighting within the same region with opposite agendas, this could lead to a dangerous situation should either side make any serious miscalculation leading to further escalation between the two nuclear superpowers.

The Obama Administration attempted to prevent Russia’s presence in Syria by convincing nearby allies to disallow travel of Russian military cargo planes through their airspace. However, Russia had managed to make several flights already through Iran and Iraqi airspace, to where a key airport in Syria is being converted for Russian use. At least 6 Russian T-90 tanks and other heavy weapons (including SAMs), along with hundreds of temporary housing units, have been seen at this site. Russia, who at first denied such military aid to Assad, now says the transports will continue despite US objections.

Meanwhile, Syrian refugees continue to pour into Europe, some of which very well may contain members of Islamic State. With some countries refusing to accept the refugees, others including the United States have agreed to do so. As of today, it was reported that the number of refugees migrating into Europe have exceeded one million.

See the videos below for more details on this developing situation.


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  1. The republicans are stupid if they believe Zionist News outlets like Fox News, Russia is there to get rid of ISIS who America and its allies have been protecting

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